23 Fresh Looks: How to Wear White Sneakers All Year Long

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Remember Jennifer Grey’s iconic white Keds and cut-off shorts look in Dirty Dancing? It’s amazing how simple white low-cut sneakers can make such a fashion statement!

When you think of white sneakers, you may think of athletic shoes you wear for walking and working out. 

But white sneakers have emerged as an easy and comfortable fashion shoe that you can throw on any time of year, with anything from jogger pants, blue jeans, and chino shorts to long and short skirts and dresses. And trench coats or leather jackets. 

They’ve quickly become my top pick for casual shoes.

Are white sneakers still in style in 2023?

White sneakers are a timeless classic.

White sneakers come in canvas and leather, and if you worry about wearing them scuffed or getting them dirty, just give them a gentle rub with a Magic Eraser. And know that scuffed shoes are so trendy that pricey Golden Goose sneakers are even sold looking that way.


Today, fashion sneakers are playful with both light color logos and darker accents on the sides, which are a great way to express yourself and have fun. 

Golden Goose sneakers have stars on the side. They are an investment piece, for sure. But if you love the look, you can get dupes at a lower price point. 


Vejas with their iconic V logo are a sustainable sneaker that has been turning up on actresses like Reese Witherspoon and Katie Holmes and comes with a variety of colored logos on the side. 


If you’re thinking of adding another pair of white shoes to your shoe collection, there are a ton of more affordable plain white sneakers like Keds, Reeboks, New Balance, Nike Daybreaks, or Converse Chuck Taylors. 


The perfect white sneakers for you comes down to your personal preference. My favorite white sneakers come from retro brands I discovered as a kid. I have two pairs of white Tretorn canvas sneakers. In high school, I loved a pair I had with a plaid logo on the side. Now I have them with a green logo and a navy logo.


But I’m also in love with Adidas Stan Smith leather sneakers. They’ve quickly become my favorite pair of shoes for being on the go.


They are super comfortable with a cushioned footbed and wide toe box and a dash of gold at the ankle.

What should you wear with white sneakers? 

If you’re wondering what to wear with white sneakers, there are so many different ways you can wear them beyond the summer months. I have tons of outfit inspiration for you today with 23 white sneakers outfits coming your way. You’ll see white sneakers with everything from short and long dresses to cropped and flare jeans and shorts. 

Let’s look at outfits! 

If you’ve never worn white sneakers with a dress before, a knee-length dress is a great place to start.

With a black sweater dress

First up, I’m pairing a black relaxed-fit sweater dress and white sneakers. Black and white are always a chic combination. 

sweater dress


These Stan Smith tennis shoes are the best white sneakers because they’re so versatile.

You can definitely wear white sneakers in colder weather! I wear them with no-show socks. As long as the temp is around 45 degrees, I’m comfortable going out this way. You can also add a long knee-length coat over top for more warmth.

Add a sporty belt bag worn like a crossbody and you’re ready to be on the go. This Everywhere bag from Amazon is the perfect size for a phone, keys, sunglasses, and cardholder, and feels so soft.

Let’s look at a short summer dress next. 

With a striped dress and denim jacket

This short striped dress from J.Crew Factory is a flattering dress that magically disguises the midsection thanks to horizontal stripes and a built-in belt. I’m wearing a denim jacket over the top. 

striped short dress


My white sneakers are Tretorns with a green logo on the side. A crossbody bag with a green and blue strap coordinates with the green on the shoe. 

Let’s look at another dress outfit, this time a shirt dress.

With a shirt dress

This blue and white striped shirt dress is a natural match for these white leather Stan Smith sneakers. 

striped shirt dress


Imagine wearing this outfit for lunch with friends on a spring day. A light tan crossbody is a natural color choice with the dress and shoes. 

Let’s look at a midi dress now. 

With a floral midi dress

When I first started pairing white sneakers with longer skirts, I worried about looking frumpy. Low-cut sneakers that show your ankle work the best. These Stan Smiths also have a long toe box, which extends the leg line.

floral midi dress


I prefer sneakers that have a modest sole like this, rather than a platform sneaker or running sneaker with a thick rubber sole with visible treads.

It’s a fashion-forward look to wear white thick tread running sneakers with a dress, but it makes me feel like Melanie Griffin in the 1988 movie Working Girl, commuting to work wearing pantyhose, white ankle socks, and running sneakers. 

For this dress, to keep from looking frumpy, I defined the waist with a visible belt and by pushing up the sleeves.

Let’s look at a skirt outfit now. 

With a button-front midi skirt and graphic t-shirt

I don’t usually like tiered long skirts on me because they make my bottom half appear wider, but the buttons on this one draw the eye up and down so it’s much more flattering.

midi skirt outfit


I associate a long button-front tiered midi skirt with Little House on the Prairie and my mom in the 1980s (although her skirt was khaki). 

To give this outfit a cool mom vibe rather than a precious or matronly feel, I combined this chambray tiered skirt with a chic graphic t-shirt and did a sloppy front tuck. My Stan Smith’s and a sporty belt bag worn like a crossbody give it an easy-going laid-back vibe.

Longer skirts are tricky to style with white sneakers. So let’s look at another outfit. This time with a satin midi skirt. 

With a sweatshirt and a satin midi skirt

A casual sweatshirt is a great option for up top to tie in casual sneakers with a fancier skirt.

satin skirt outfit


I’ve front-tucked a gray sweatshirt into this greige skirt and pushed up the sleeves to define the waistline. That keeps it from becoming frumpy. 

You can also go for a textured sweater.

With a turtleneck sweater and satin midi skirt

This chunky textured turtleneck sweater is a greige that blends with the skirt. And creates a nice neutral column of color to pair with these white sneaks. Wearing casual and elevated pieces together is very fashion-forward. 

satin skirt outfit


Here’s one of the easiest ways to wear your white sneakers for a casual outfit. And that’s paired with cropped jeans to show off the sneakers. 

With a tee and cropped jeans

Take a white tee, cropped blue jeans, and your favorite white sneakers. 

Here I’m wearing my Tretorns with green on the side. I love their green pop of color.

cropped jeans outfit


Up next is an all-black casual look.

With a black tee and black jeans

A black muscle tee, black jeans that are cropped and white sneakers create a cool black-and-white look.

all black outfit


A casual black belt bag finishes the look. 

With a striped sweater and white jeans

White jeans and white pants are a great option with white sneakers. Here I am wearing white jeans with my favorite Breton stripe sweater and my black belt bag.

white jeans outfit


With a navy blazer and white jeans

Here’s a look you may be able to wear to work on casual Fridays if your workplace allows jeans and sneakers. 

navy blazer outfit


Take white jeans and a white V-neck and throw a navy blazer over the top. My white Tretorns with green match the blue and green strap on my crossbody bag. The bag and strap tie into the belt and the blazer. 

You could swap out the navy blazer for a jean jacket like I’ve done in the next picture.

With a jean jacket, sweater vest, and white jeans

A column of white with white sneakers looks so fresh. Here I’m wearing a sweater vest with nothing under it, and a jean jacket over the top.

white and cream outfit with jean jacket


A trench coat is another great option with white sneakers.

With a trench coat, pink sweater, and white jeans

Pink is having a moment. And a trench coat is one of those classic and super versatile fashion staples I can’t live without. White sneakers give the look a laid-back feel.

trench coat outfit


Next is another white-on-white outfit.

With a camel coat, cream turtleneck sweater, and white jeans

A column of cream and white is so chic.

camel coat outfit


It works perfectly with a classic long camel coat. And these white sneakers.

With a navy blazer, graphic tee, and blue jeans

Here’s another blazer look. This time with a graphic T-shirt and some cropped, flared blue jeans.

blazer and jeans outfit


The blazer elevates this casual jeans and sneaker look.

With a rugby shirt and cropped jeans

Forgive me while I get matchy-matchy. I adore this green and light blue rugby shirt from J.Crew that I got years ago.

rugby shirt outfit


I love pairing it with my white Tretorns with green. Super cute!

With a striped button down and flare jeans

You may wonder if you can wear white sneakers with flare jeans. Heck yes! Sneakers are a great option with flares. Stan Smiths have a long footbed so they won’t get lost in a wide hem. Here I’m pairing them with a striped button-down shirt I’ve tucked in. Rolling up the sleeves also defines the waistline. 

flare jeans


A platform sneaker or a running shoe with a thicker sole for some height also works perfectly with longer jeans.

With a leather jacket and blue jeans

Pair your leather jacket with blue straight jeans.

leather jacket outfit


Add a white tee that ties in with your white sneakers. And you’ve got a super easy and good-looking laid-back outfit.

With a sweater and straight jeans

It was a happy accident that this sweater coordinated so perfectly with these couches on a Palm Springs, California hotel rooftop.

blush sweater outfit


These Tretorns have a navy logo and striped navy and white shoelaces! They were great for traveling and with no-show socks on days that were unexpectedly chilly.

With a button-down shirt, sweater vest, and boyfriend jeans

Here I’m wearing white Tretorns with blue accents.

sweater vest outfit


I got these boyfriend jeans last year when things started opening up after the pandemic and my skinny jeans felt too tight. I needed super comfy jeans. My blue and white striped button-down is perfect with these sneakers. 

With a sweatshirt and shorts

It’s a no-brainer to wear your white sneakers with shorts and a sweatshirt. I’ve got on that black belt bag creating a sporty vibe again.

shorts outfit


With a white tank top and black ankle pants

In case you’re not convinced you can wear white sneakers with black pants, here are some black ankle pants with my Tretorns for an easy summer look. Add a jean jacket over top to complete the look.

black ankle pants outfit


Last but not least, wear your white sneakers with leggings.

With a sweatshirt and leggings

Here’s me in Palm Springs again.

leggings outfit


These white and navy Tretorns were perfect to lounge around in with navy exercise leggings and a gray sweatshirt.

What goes well with white sneakers?

White sneakers are a classic neutral that works with any color. And with ankle pants and jeans and longer jeans like flares and trousers. Choose platforms or thicker-soled tennis shoes if you want more height with longer hemlines. Low-cut white sneakers create a fresh look with knee-length and long dresses and skirts. To avoid looking frumpy, define your waistline by tucking in at least the front of your shirt, and pushing up your sleeves. For purses, choose a sportier bag to play off your sneakers and create an athletic vibe. Or choose a bag that plays off the color tones of your clothing selection, wearing light tones with a light bag or dark tones with a dark bag. 

The best way to wear white sneakers is in a way that feels like you. Choose a nostalgic pair or experiment with one of the new and trendier styles. Have fun with it! XO, Marya

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