Black turtleneck, black ankle pants

20 Stylish + Chic Ways to Wear a Trench Coat Right Now

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Adding a trench coat to my wardrobe has been a revelation. 

As a fashion blogger, I’m constantly seeing recommendations to add a classic trench coat to your closet for its timeless style and versatility.

I’ve been eyeing them for months. And looking to buy one at a low price point to see what all the fuss is about. 

On Black Friday, I saw this Amazon Essentials trench for 45% off and less than $30 with Amazon Prime and I had to snatch it up. (Please note: the price is subject to change.)


Fit note: I wear this coat in a size Medium. I’m 5’6″, 160 pounds and a size small top and 12 bottom.

I finally understand why a trench coat is a wardrobe game changer! 

Trench coats became popularized thanks to the golden age of Hollywood. Remember Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and Marlene Dietrich in A Foreign Affair? Later in 1979, Meryl Streep famously wore one in Kramer vs. Kramer

But the style initially filled a practical need, providing waterproof rain protection for British military officers in World War I. Designer Thomas Burberry invented the breathable rain repellent gabardine fabric that they originally made the trench coat from. Later, during World War II, London Fog made waterproof trench coats for the U.S. Navy. 

For French women, the trench coat is a style essential. And a central piece of a minimalist wardrobe. With its double breasted silhouette, a trench is a great way to add structure and instant chic to your most basic outfits. And the good news is that they work on petite women and just about any body type. 

Modern trench coats come in several different lengths. Hip length is most casual. Knee length is a good option for everyday or dressed up looks. Shin length is the most fancy and perfect for formal events. 

They come in many different colors from the traditional beige to a black trench coat, to olive green and even a navy trench coat. 

A traditional beige trench coat is flexible enough to wear day or night. If you plan to wear yours primarily at night for going out, consider a black trench coat. 

What goes well with a trench coat?

The trench coat is the perfect coat for the transitional weather of fall or the spring season. And you can wear it in so many different ways. Pop one on every day over casual outfits, with work wear, workout gear, and even over dresses for date night or dressy events.  A beige trench coat looks chic paired with darker colors or lighter colors. 

If you’re looking for outfit inspiration, here are 20 of my favorite trench coat outfits. 

First up, a black outfit that’s anything but bland. 

With a black turtleneck and black ankle pants

I love any look that channels Audrey Hepburn with smart black ankle length pants and a black turtleneck.

Black pants and turtleneck sweater

But it’s the trench coat with the pointy toe flats and a black tote bag that bring this all black outfit together. 

I’ve rolled up the sleeves on the coat just once and pushed it up to help draw attention to and define the waistline. It gives it an effortless and cool vibe. 

Let’s look at another outfit with these black ankle pants.

With a blue and white striped button-down shirt and black ankle pants

If you want a classic look for a business casual workplace, this is the perfect outfit. I’m wearing a traditional blue and white striped button-down shirt tucked into black ankle pants. 

striped button down and black pants

The black tassel loafer mules, tote bag and trench coat say you’re ready for business. 

With a little black dress

A trench coat is perfect over a little black dress whether you’re headed to work or a night out. 

little black dress

Here I’m wearing a summery lightweight black notch-neck dress that hits right above the knee. When you’re pairing a knee-length coat with a skirt or dress, make sure the coat is longer or the same length as the skirt.

The black pointy-toe flats are perfect for a work look but can also take you into a night out. 

With black trouser pants and a black V-neck blouse

Here’s another all black outfit of black trouser pants and an elevated black blouse. 

black blouse and trouser pants

Adding a pair of pointy-toe d’Orsay heels creates an outfit with an elegant feel. With long flowy trouser pants, you can wear a trench coat that hits lower down at the shin for a more formal look. Or this length for a slightly more casual feel.

With a black gingham blouse and black ankle pants

Here’s another look that works for a business casual workplace. I’m wearing a black gingham patterned blouse with those same black ankle pants. 

black gingham blouse, black pants

I’m finishing the outfit off with a whimsical pair of chunky patent leather loafers that add some shine and visual interest. And topping it all off with the trench coat for a fun look. 

I can’t resist one more look with my favorite black ankle pants.

With black ankle pants and a cream and black Breton stripe sweater

A classic cream and white Breton stripe sweater is the height of fashionable right now. 

Here I’m wearing a chunky crewneck Breton stripe with those black ankle pants.

Breton stripe sweater, black pants

I love wearing black pants with brown shoes and a brown bag for a smart contrast.  Here I’m wearing some brown chunky sole mules from Madewell and a similar tone tote bag. 

The trench coat is a perfect topper and an elevated touch.

With straight blue jeans and an olive green silk blouse

Here’s a more casual look. I’m wearing a satin olive green blouse tucked into my favorite straight blue jeans. They work great for a business casual workplace since they are a dark wash with no distressing, whiskering or bleaching. And they have a finished hem at the ankle that’s more elevated than a cut hem for work. 

olive green blouse, blue jeans

If you’re looking for an alternative to skinny jeans, straight jeans offer the same slim fit in the hip and thighs with a bit more room from the knee down. I love how the extra width below the knee helps to visually balance my size 12 tush. And the extra room makes them super comfortable. You can bend your knees without pulling down your pants, if ya know what I mean. These are Levi’s classic straight jeans with a midrise and I reach for them again and again.

I’m finishing the outfit with those same Madewell brown mules that I’m totally in love with, and my classic brown tote bag that’s been in my closet for a million years. 

Topping it off with a trench coat makes it a look you can wear for a casual Friday at work.

With a white button-down shirt and straight blue jeans

I want you to see how easy it is to elevate a basic outfit of a crisp white button-down shirt and those same straight blue jeans. Simply add some good looking cap toe tan flats and a trench coat. This look makes me swoon. I love it so much. 

white button down and blue jeans

Add a few gold accessories and you’ve got an easy put together look. I’d also love it with a black bag that coordinates with the cap toe of the shoe. 

With flare jeans and a black blouse

This is the kind of outfit I’d wear to a night out and dinner at a nice restaurant. I’d wear an elevated pair of flare jeans, black pointy-toe heels, and a black high neck blouse.

Flare jeans and black blouse

With an elevated quilted black crossbody bag and this trench coat, you’ve got a sharp put together outfit.

Let’s look at a few more jeans outfits.

Here’s another one with the straight jeans from above.

With straight blue jeans and a cream and white Breton stripe collared sweater

Swoon. I love a Breton stripe sweater so much! Here’s another one that has a classic collar. I love it when a classic is trending. 

Breton stripe collar sweater and blue jeans

This is an easy look with those blue straight jeans and my favorite brown Madewell mules again. I love it paired with this classic trench coat. 

Let’s change things up a bit with a kick crop jeans outfit.

With kick crop jeans, a white button-down shirt and cream sweater vest

Have you experimented with a sweater vest yet? I love how this trendy classic topper creates a smart look when paired over a button-down shirt. 

cream sweater vest, white button down and blue jeans

It’s a little hard to see here over a white shirt, but I’m wearing it paired with another favorite, my kick crop jeans from the Gap. With a slightly wider cut that stops at the ankle, they help to straighten the curves of my size 12 bottom half. 

These patent leather loafers are a fun way to finish the look. 

My trench coat was the perfect winter coat on this overcast day of sightseeing in Palm Springs, California in December.

Let’s see one more look with this pair of jeans.

With kick crop jeans and a white t-shirt

Here’s another basic outfit of jeans and a t-shirt that’s elevated by accessories.

white t-shirt, blue jeans

A bib necklace and hoop earrings, and a black belt and pointy-toe flats combined with this trench coat make a good looking outfit for a cool day out to lunch. 

Now let’s see another kick crop jeans look, this time with white jeans and a pop of color. 

With white jeans and a pink sweater

I want you to see how a pop of pink works with this classic beige trench. Creating a light and airy look. 

white jeans, pink sweater

It’s tricky to find a pair of white jeans that work for my size 12 booty. So many of them gap at the waist or are so painted on and transparent that it’s just not flattering. 

These kick crop jeans from the Gap are the best of the bunch so far. And I’m wearing them with my white Stan Smith Adidas for a sporty vibe. 

Here’s another pink look. This time, it’s a dress!

With a pink dress

A trench coat pairs perfectly over top of knee-length dresses. 

This is a simple pink notch-neck dress. Pink is having a big Barbiecore moment. 

pink dress

I’m wearing simple leather flip flops for a casual look. If you’re heading to work, swap them out for some tan pointy-toe flats or ballet flats for a more elevated look.

Next up, another dress!

With an olive green t-shirt dress

Gah! I love how chic this simple olive green t-shirt dress (from Amazon, no less) looks with this trench coat. 

olive t-shirt dress

I’m wearing leather flip flops. But you can elevate the look even more with some tan pointy-toe flats. 

With a striped dress

This dress is one of my favorite J.Crew Factory purchases of all time. It’s perfect if you’re larger on the bottom like I am. Stripes that are close together draw the eye up and down. And the tie at the waist does something magical to the midsection. 

striped dress

Topping it with this trench coat makes it perfect for a cool spring or fall day.

Speaking of fall, if you’re wondering if you can wear a sweater dress under a trench, you totally can. 

With a black sweater dress

Here ya go! A black relaxed fit sweater dress works under a trench coat for days when you need a bit of extra warmth. 

black sweater dress

Tan ankle boots are a good choice for a current look for fall when it’s not so cold that you need tall boots to keep your legs warm. 

Here’s another fall look. 

With a denim skirt and white blouse

I want you to see how great this trench works with a skirt and top combo.

white blouse, denim skirt

I’m wearing a casual denim skirt that hits above the knee with a white blouse and tall brown suede boots (I promise they are not this orange in person).

You can easily wear a pencil skirt or A-line skirt with a knee length trench coat. 

If you’re wearing a midi or maxi length skirt, a longer shin-length trench coat will be the perfect match for it.

Now let’s look at two more casual outfits. Although you may not believe that this next outfit is casual.

With black flowy pants and a white t-shirt

I’ll let you in on a secret. These black cotton flowy wide leg pants are actually ribbed pajama bottoms. They are so freaking comfortable and you would never know they’re pajamas!

white t-shirt, black flowy pants

I’m wearing them with my favorite fitted white t-shirt and leather flip flops.

This is the perfect outfit for a day when you’re feeling tired and want to look put together but feel comfy. 

Adding an elevated bib necklace and the trench coat, and no one has any idea these pants are pajama bottoms. 

Last up, let’s see how this coat looks with sweats!

With black sweatpants and a gray sweatshirt

If you’re running out for errands, this outfit is the best of both worlds, comfort and style. 

black sweatpants, gray sweatshirt

I’m wearing my favorite black sweatpants, a gray sweatshirt and my black Adidas tennis shoes. And I’m topping it off with my black belt bag worn as a crossbody. Totally on trend. I will never go grocery shopping again without my belt bag. I keep my shopping list on my phone and it’s so easy to pop my phone back into my belt bag when I need my hands free. 

There you have it! 20 outfits for work, casual and everyday.

How do you style a trench coat casually?

Wear your trench coat with dark or neutral colors. Or a pop of color. Throw one over your favorite t-shirt and jeans outfit, or your sweatpants and sweatshirt for a day of errands. They’re perfect with a dress or skirt outfit for work, and a little black dress for nighttime. You’ll be amazed by how a trench coat makes so many outfits super chic. Have fun with it! XO, Marya

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Fit Note: I’m midsized at 5’6″, 160 pounds, with size 12 jeans.

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