Top Couples Gifts for Christmas (3)

25 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Couple

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Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite couple? Whether they are newlyweds or have been together for years, this guide can help you discover the perfect present. You’ll find a mix of home essentials they’ll use daily, experiences designed for fun and memory-making, and special little things they’ll be excited to unwrap. There’s a little bit of everything in this gift guide!

Let’s dive in and check out 25 thoughtful gift ideas for the happy couple!

25 Christmas gifts for couples

1. Personalized family mugs

I would love a set of these! They’re personalized with the family’s last name, the individual family member’s first name, and a graphic image of the person. Get them one for every member of their family. They also come in glasses. 


2. Murder mystery jigsaw puzzle

Perfect for the couple who does puzzles together. There’s been a murder, and it’s up to them to solve the crime. They’ll read a brief story about the event. Then, using the story as a guide, complete a 500-piece puzzle that gives them all the hints needed to figure out who did it. You have two murder stories and puzzles to choose from.

3. Throw blanket

We received the gift of a cozy Ugg throw blanket several years ago, and we both use it daily. It’s soft, warm, cozy, and perfect for the couch or a recliner. We fight with our dog over it! Choose a color that matches their living room, or pick a neutral color, and you can’t go wrong. 

4. Capri blue volcano capiz jar candle

Anthropologie candles make a great gift. I have several, including this one, and I’m always happy to unwrap another one. The scent of this candle is delicious year-round, with a fruity hint of citrus. And it’s gorgeous to look at. They come in multiple sizes.

5. Cocktail shaker

This art deco 1920s-inspired cocktail shaker is as much an elegant piece of decor as it is practical for mixing drinks. A perfect gift for a couple who loves cocktails.

6. Charcuterie cookbook and charcuterie board

If they love to entertain, this charcuterie board cookbook has 50 ideas for making beautiful charcuterie boards. I borrowed this book from my mom and never gave it back!

7. Pickleball paddles, set of two

Pickleball is all the rage these days. It’s the fastest-growing sport in the nation! These USAPA-approved Pickleball paddles will keep them playing and on their toes. Learning a new sport together is a fun way to connect. 

8. A MasterClass

MasterClass is an online platform that offers high-quality instructional courses taught by over 180+ world-renowned experts and professionals in various fields. For the couple that loves to learn and try new things, a MasterClass is a great way to discover and grow together. Learn about filmmaking from Martin Scorsese, songwriting from John Legend, or cooking from Wolfgang Puck. Give them a duo subscription, and they will choose the class they want to take once they redeem the gift. With tons of topics to choose from, they’re sure to find a subject they love. 

9. Digital photo frame

A digital photo frame has a screen similar to that of an iPad. After setting up a personalized account, family and friends can email pictures to the frame and display them in a slide show.  My mom and in-laws have a digital photo frame, and it’s a great way for couples to receive photo downloads and display and enjoy them without having to print them out. 

10. Reflective dog leash and monogrammed collar

Give couples with fur babies reflective dog leashes and monogrammed collars. Knowing their dog breed and approximate weight, you can pick a collar and leash. They’ll use it daily, and they can never have too many. 

11. A big green egg

A Big Green Egg is a ceramic charcoal barbecue where you can grill, smoke, and even bake pizzas and bread. My brother-in-law has a Green Egg and loves it. The ceramic design holds heat really well, so things cook faster and come out juicier. The large size is the most popular and works for families and frequent grillers. You’ll find them at local barbecue and grill specialty stores.

12. Coffee bean subscription

Perfect for coffee enthusiasts. Give them the gift of fresh, high-quality coffee beans delivered to their front door. According to Forbes, Trade Coffee is the best overall coffee subscription. It delivers beans from over 60 roasters in the US. They can personalize their gift to their taste and deliver it when they want it. 

13. Bluetooth speaker

Perfect for the couple who loves to listen to podcasts or music together. And for streaming from any device. You can’t go wrong with the JBL Charge 5 portable wireless Bluetooth speaker with impressive sound quality and 4.8 stars out of 5 on over 21K reviews on Amazon. It has up to 20 hours of play time.

14. Custom pet portraits

Adam gave me a custom pencil drawing of our dog for a wedding gift, and I love it so much. This Etsy artist comes highly rated and does beautiful work. It’s a unique gift that they’ll cherish for a long time. A pencil drawing works with a wide variety of decor.  

15. Grow anywhere Meyer lemon tree

For the couple with a green thumb who loves lemons and indoor plants, give them this lemon tree they can put in a sunny window and watch grow. The white flowers are “enchanting” and aromatic. 

16. Personalized home portrait print

Capture their sweet home with a  watercolor-like digital personalized portrait of their home, including their name and location. 

17. Monogrammed doormat

A doormat is one of the first things people see when they enter a home. A personalized doormat creates a welcoming entrance that reflects the couple and family that live there. And it’s functional too!

18. Date night painting kit

Have you ever been to a “paint and sip” studio where you drink wine, eat cheese, and paint? This gift will help them set up at home with this painting kit-for-two. The kit has two canvases, gray images they will paint right over, paints, and brushes. Give them a bottle of wine to go with it, and they’ll have a great night at home. 

19. Nest votive candle set

If you’re looking for a gorgeous hostess gift, this set of 3 festive candles is perfect for the holiday. They have the best holiday scents.

20. Grilled personal pizza maker

For the couple who loves to grill, at-home pizza ovens are all the rage these days. But this personal pan-size cast iron pizza maker with a lid will also give them a delicious grilled pizza with a perfect crust in less than 10 minutes. 

21. Personalized pet photo socks

Give them two pairs of socks with their pet’s face on it. They’re perfect for any pet owner who is tricky to buy for. 

22. Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner

The Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner is the most amazing vacuum ever. It’s easy to use with a long battery life. They’ll fly through house cleaning in no time! Dyson’s vacuums last for years and have a reputation for being high quality. It’s a thoughtful gift they’ll enjoy and be grateful to have. 

23. Gleaming primrose mirror

For the couple who is living in a new home, this mirror has a cult following. It’s a gorgeous, timeless statement piece that will be in their home for a lifetime. 

24. Cinzia champagne flutes

These gorgeous colored flutes will be well-loved. They’re hand-blown borosilicate glass and will delight champagne drinkers. They also come in wine glasses. Anthropologie has beautiful glassware. I  can fall down a rabbit hole browsing it all online.

25. Amalfi umbrella

If they are beach people, give them a taste of the Amalfi coast with this adorable beach umbrella. Give them an umbrella holder too and they can use it by the pool or on their deck. It comes in 6 different colors. 

Finding the right gift for your favorite couple doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Remember, it’s the thought and care that truly counts. Happy gifting!

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