spring outfits for women over 40

12+ Cute and Casual Spring Outfits for Women Over 40

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If you’re underwhelmed by your spring wardrobe from last year and are ready for a fresh start for the new season, I’ve got you covered! I’m trying something different today and bringing you into the dressing room as I try on spring pieces I’ve been eyeing. That way, you can see what’s out there and get ideas for styles you’d like to try. 

When you’re getting dressed over 40, you know yourself better than ever and are comfortable in your own skin. However, if your body has changed in midlife like mine has, you may be trying to figure out how to dress your new body shape. I wear size 12 jeans, have a smaller upper body, and a 36-B bust. Last year, I didn’t love wearing certain clothing items, shorts and bathing suits included. But I’m finding more self-acceptance every day. And you know what they say: tan it if you can’t tone it. A little self-tanner does wonders for my confidence with showing my thighs.  

I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to find clothing that works for your body at every size and even accept these parts. Learning about dressing for your body type is a great place to start. Read How to Look Good in Your Clothes by Dressing for Your Body Type to discover your body type and some basic tips for dressing it. When you know the styles that work, you can begin to find pieces that you feel better wearing. If you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone a little bit and try some new styles, you may be surprised by how good you can feel in your current body.  

We’ve grown up hearing there are things women of a certain age shouldn’t wear, like crop tops. But there are no rules. I firmly believe that age should not dictate what you put on your body. Wear what you love and feel confident in. 

If you’re seeking more help discovering your personal style, 20 Best Fashion and Style Tips for Women Over 40 is a great resource for inspiration and advice on embracing your style at any age. 

Style can be a great way to reconnect with yourself if you’ve been too busy to prioritize yourself in the past several years. What you wear changes how you feel and how you show up. This is a great time to build a wardrobe that represents who you are now!

Enough of the pep talk! Are you ready for some outfit inspiration? In this post, you’ll see a little bit of everything with over 12 cute casual spring outfits. From denim skirts and dresses to sweaters, tops, and even shorts, there’s something for every spring day. Whether navigating the cooler early spring weather, needing something warmer, or looking forward to those warm days perfect for dresses and letting your toes bask in the sunshine, I’ve got you covered. Plus, I’ll be updating this post throughout the season with new looks, so be sure to check back for the latest outfit inspiration.

Ready to come into the dressing room with me? I’m keeping it real over here with wilted hair from rainy weather, limited shoe options, a messy dressing room, and bad lighting, but I tried on so many tempting pieces! 

Let’s look at some cute and stylish casual outfits! 

Cute spring outfits for over 40

A denim maxi skirt, white t-shirt, and short white sweater

As I mentioned in my Best Spring 2024 Trends + Fashion Essentials (For Over 40) post, denim maxi skirts are a big trend for the spring season. You guys, this is one of those spring trends I swore I would never wear. I thought it was impractical for my life and that I’d have nowhere to wear it. But it turns out I wasn’t giving them a chance.

When I tried this skirt on, I laughed out loud about how long it was. It hits at my ankles at 5’6″. After I adjusted to the length, it started growing on me. Turns out I’d ruled out maxi denim skirts because they were out of my comfort zone. I didn’t see myself as a denim maxi skirt person.

denim maxi skirt outfit

T-shirt in white | Skirt | Flip Flops | Bauble Necklace and Clover Necklace  | Earrings

In my style coaching training, I learned that maxi-length skirts and dresses are very flattering since they lengthen the leg line. But I always steered away from them since they felt so fussy with all that fabric. My mind has been opened to them.

I styled it with what I had with me: some leather flip-flops, a white tee shirt, and a pullover sweater that I threw around my shoulders for an easy, breezy look. The skirt’s rise isn’t too high, so I can tuck a tee into it without creating a very short torso.

This baby ended up coming home with me, so I can play with it some more and see if it’s a keeper. I’ll try styling it with short fitted and more relaxed sweaters that get front tucked. For shoes, I’ll try it with sneakers, ballet flats and mules. In the cold weather, taupe ankle boots will be great with it.

Wide leg cuffed crop jeans and a chambray shirt

Here’s another casual look that’s very on trend for spring with denim on denim. Notice that the denim tones are very similar in color. We often get the advice that the best way to wear denim with denim is to pair different tones together to avoid the Canadian tuxedo look. But not so these days.

This chambray shirt is super sweet with a Henley placket in the front and slight puff sleeves.

denim on denim outfit

Shirt | Jeans | Bauble Necklace and Clover Necklace | Earrings

These jeans are one of my favorite spring trends. Remember Nicole Kidman wearing wide-cuffed jeans in the movie Bewitched? I loved them then and love them again now.

I was fully planning to cuff a pair I had at home. Why buy a pair cuffed when you can cuff them yourself? These cuffs are tacked, so they’re not coming unfolded. And they are the softest and most comfy jeans ever. I’m excited to style them with sneakers, loafers, and sandals.

They are mostly sold out online, but I’m linking them here if they restock them. I sized down to a 10 from my normal size 12 since they fit a little big.

I prefer a brown belt here, but this black one is what I had with me. It creates a vibe that’s a little more masculine.

A buttoned denim midi skirt and a white tee

This is the skirt I thought I’d like most of all the denim skirts I tried on. It was a bit more within my comfort zone initially. I wondered if the vertical buttons up the front and seamed pockets would draw unwanted attention to my stomach and midsection, but they didn’t.

I liked this skirt enough that I brought it home to have as an option. I’ll style it just like the other skirt and then decide which skirt to keep. 

denim skirt outfit

T-shirt in white | Skirt | Bauble Necklace and Clover Necklace | Earrings | Flip Flops 

A green textured cardigan with cuffed cropped jeans

Spring is the perfect time to wear bold colors! I have been eyeing this gorgeous Kelly green cardigan for a while now. We’ll see green through St. Patrick’s Day and well into summer. I adore this color, the woven texture of the sweater, and the on-trend gold buttons.

The sweater runs small, and I’m wearing a medium but need it in a large. The sleeves are tight. Definitely size up for this one.

This will be easy to style with wide-leg, high-waisted jeans, and denim skirts since it hits right at the top of the hips.

green cardigan and jeans outfit

Sweater | Jeans | T-shirt in white | Bauble Necklace and Clover Necklace | Earrings | Flip Flops 

I’m wearing those cute cuffed wide leg cropped jeans again. 

A cream collared Breton stripe cardigan with wide leg cuffed jeans

I got lucky and found this sweet collared striped cardigan in the store! It creates such a stylish look. A reviewer mentioned that this sweater resembles a bestselling Sezane Betty Cardigan, and they are so right. This is a soft, beautiful midweight sweater with brown multicolor buttons and flap pockets on the chest.

I wanted to bring it home but couldn’t justify it since I already have a cream Breton stripe cardigan. Patting myself on the back for having some restraint. 

striped cardigan outfit

Sweater | Jeans | Flip Flops

A striped mock neck shirt with wide leg cuffed jeans

It pains me to walk by a striped shirt without trying it on. This one is so cute, with a row of buttons up one of the long sleeves, shoulder, and neck. It’s cotton and has the feel of a button-up shirt but with the buttons running up the sleeves for a fun detail. This blouse is so good!

Wear it with blue or white jeans and a trench coat, ballet flats, loafers, or ankle boots. 

Striped mock neck shirt with wide leg cuffed jeans

Shirt | Jeans | Flip Flops

Cream contrast trim Lady Jacket and olive green pants

This is the latest edition of J.Crew’s Emilie Lady Jacket, and it’s gorgeous! If you’ve been following the Lady Jacket, it’s been so popular that Amazon has several dupes at lower price points. I have the black and cream striped version from J.Crew and liked it so much I got a dupe in cream from Amazon.

This version has red and blue contrast trim for a chic look. The red and blue striped pockets on the hip are perfect, with a gold button on each.

Cream contrast trim lady jacket and olive green pants

Sweater | Loafers

The sweater has a nice weight to it. When I tried it on, I was surprised it has clasps, not buttons. They show the shirt you’re wearing under it. That’s not bad; I just hadn’t noticed this detail in the online pictures.

I’m wearing it with the olive green wide-leg pants I wore shopping and my black patent leather loafers. It’s easy to make a ton of stylish outfits with this. You can wear it with cream, khaki, or blue denim. 

A ruffle-sleeve tiered midi dress

I am equally fond of striped dresses and striped button-down shirts. While I don’t usually go for dresses with this many tiers on the bottom, this stripe was so compelling with the addition of a subtle light brown stripe that I had to try it. It has a side zipper, which makes the top fitted, while the skirt is a-line and flowy. The online picture shows it with the addition of a brown belt that picks up the brown of the stripe and creates more waist definition.

Ruffle-sleeve tiered midi dress

Dress | Sandals or Sandals in Saddle Leather | Bauble Necklace and Clover Necklace | Earrings

You could wear this easy, comfortable dress with white sneakers, sandals, or espadrilles to work, a baby shower, or Easter Sunday. I’m wearing it in a size 8. It fits true to size.

A pink striped collared mini shirtdress

More stripes here, but instead of my usual blue and white, this has a fun springy pink and white stripe. This style is particularly good if you’re larger on the bottom and smaller up top, like I am. The top is fitted and has a defined waistline that widens at the skirt.

I’m wearing it with a white sweater thrown across my shoulders and brown ballet flats. It would be cute with white sneakers or sandals, too.

Pink striped collared mini shirtdress

Dress | Ballet Flats | Bauble Necklace and Clover Necklace | Earrings

Wear it to work, out to lunch, or on Easter Sunday. 

A striped half-zip pullover with chambray shorts

I’ve been eyeing this soft terrycloth striped pullover that’s perfect for cool nights at the beach. Online, they show it in both navy and gray stripes. It’s so soft and comfortable.

These chambray shorts have a 5-inch inseam. 4-inch shorts are a little too short for me, and I like how these give an extra inch of length. They have a midrise and fit true to size. I’m wearing my usual size 12 here.

Striped half-zip pullover with chambray shorts

Pullover | Gray Tee in heather gray | Shorts | Sandals or Sandals in Saddle Leather | Bauble Necklace and Clover Necklace 

A navy gingham shirt with kick crop jeans

Gingham is a spring staple, and I couldn’t resist this navy gingham button-down shirt. I’m wearing it tucked into my favorite Gap high rise kick crop jeans. They’re a great choice in place of skinny jeans. I own them in two lengths. This is the longer length I’ve folded into a wide cuff. Thanks to the slight flare at the ankles, the cuff stays in place when you fold them up. Plus, the wider kick out at the ankles helps to balance out wider hips.

Navy gingham shirt with kick crop jeans

Shirt | Jeans in long length | Ballet Flats | Bauble Necklace and Clover Necklace | Earrings

I love this crisp white pullover sweater thrown across the shoulders with this shirt. It creates a bright contrast to the navy gingham. Brown ballet flats add a nice pop of color.  For my necklaces, I’m wearing a gold bauble necklace paired with my favorite mother-of-pearl clover necklace from Etsy for an eye-catching layered look. The Etsy necklace is sold out, but I’m linking a similar option.

A pink blazer, tank top, and jeans

I love J.Crew Factory’s classic blazer options. I own 3 of them, one in white, one in navy, and one in Houndstooth. So I had to try this pink one on. My favorite way to dress is with jeans on the bottom and an elevated piece like a blazer or blouse up top. Bright colors are great for spring, and this pink color makes for a fun spring look! I’ve layered it over a white tank top I wore to the store, those high rise kick crop blue jeans again, and my brown ballet flats. I’m wearing a size 8 blazer, which fits true to size, with a slim top underneath. This blazer would also be great with white jeans.

Pink blazer, tank top, and jeans

Blazer | Jeans in long length | Ballet Flats | Bauble Necklace and Clover Necklace | Earrings

A striped cable crewneck sweater with jeans

I adore this coastal blue color paired with ivory! It’s so fresh and clean-looking, and the cabling adds more visual interest to the sweater. This sweater is perfect if you’re ready to ‘get on board’ with the Sailor Chic trend this spring.

I’m wearing it in a medium for a fitted look. To layer it over a button-down shirt, you probably want to size up for a bit more room.

You’re seeing it with the same jeans and ballet flats. But you could also wear it with white pants or jeans for a fresh look. Instead of ballet flats, espadrilles would be super cute with it. 

Striped cable crewneck sweater with jeans

Sweater | Jeans in long length | Ballet Flats | Bauble Necklace and Clover Necklace | Earrings

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