20 Fun + Trendy Pink Pants Outfit Ideas You Can Totally Wear

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Sometimes the heart wants pink pants. Impractical? Yes. Fun as heck? Totally. 

I spend a lot of time thinking about wardrobe essentials. I’m constantly styling core pieces again and again into different looks. But when I saw pink wide leg pants being paired with a coral red tee on the Gap Factory website, I gasped with excitement. Oh, what fun! 

And so here we are, following my pink pant Barbiecore fantasies. And coming full circle and reliving a childhood moment. 

As a kid, I had a homemade pair of pink polyester pants that I loved and wore every single day. These aren’t polyester, they don’t have an elastic waistband, and I’ve since retired the pink plastic headband that I wore with them every day, but they’re still super cute.

These are the perfect pants to transition into spring with! Ready to escape from practical everyday dressing with me and see all the ways to wear these pants?

Grab a cup of tea, I’ve got 20 pink pants outfits for you. I promise you’ll see that this pair of pants is more versatile than you initially thought. 

What do pink pants go with? 

No matter what color your pink pants are, pair them with a white shirt, cream, grey, tan or another tone of pink. Wearing a lighter color up top will draw the eye up so the pink isn’t so overwhelming on your body. If you want your bottom half and the pink pants to draw in the eye, then wear a dark color up top like black or navy. Dark colors turn the eye away, and wearing them on top will force the eye down so all eyes are on those pants. 

If you’re larger on the bottom like I am, pink pants are a style choice that brings attention to your lower half, when you actually want to draw the eye up. You know I like to break fashion rules. This blog is called Be So You for a reason! And I’m definitely not going to stop wearing colors on my bottom half. Since wearing black and navy all the time can feel a little boring. Keep reading to learn tricks to make it work!

Now, about these pants. 

Technically, they are wide leg cropped jeans from Gap Factory, and their color is called “candy coral”. They’re almost the color of pink bubblegum. You can use any pink color pants, pink trousers or even pink palazzo pants to build these outfits.

If you’re struggling to find fresh ways to wear your pants, I’m here to be your style guide and show you some new combinations. I have 20 great ideas that will work for everything from casual wear to date night.

Ready to look at some unique looks?

How to style pink pants

With a white graphic tee

Nothing says the weekend is here more than a bright pink pair of jeans and a graphic t-shirt that says “Le Weekend”! This is such a fun look. It’s not too out there and is totally wearable.

graphic tee

If you’re looking to tone down the pink pants, this top makes for a more modest look. As opposed to what’s coming next. 

Color blocking with fuchsia

Okay, now we’re really kicking things up a notch by pairing a fuchsia pink sweater with these pink pants. Color blocking with one tone of pink up top and a different tone on the bottom makes a statement.

pink sweater

So check your closet for solid colored sweaters and start pairing them with your pants to see what works. You may be surprised! 

With a white button-up blouse

Here’s a very sensible pairing. Putting on a crisp white blouse with these pants makes this a casual outfit I could’ve worn to work with college students at the local university.

white blouse

If your workplace has a more laid-back dress code, a button-up shirt will elevate this outfit enough to make it professional. 

With a denim jean jacket, white tank top and sneakers

A denim jacket is a great option with pink pants. Underneath it I’m wearing a white tank top that’s not quite a crop top. It’s the perfect length with high rise jeans. 

denim jacket and tank top

Color blocking, but make it coral red

This look is over the top. It’s the exact outfit that made me swoon on the Gap Factory website. 

coral red top

Hello, sunshine and cheer! Talk about dopamine dressing! If you’re ready to break out of the neutral dark colors of winter, this outfit will do that for sure!  

With a navy striped tee

I could go for a solid navy top here, but this thin navy stripe pulls the eye up top more than a solid would.

blue stripe top

Adding some gum sole Tretorn sneakers with a navy logo on the side, and navy and white laces ties navy into another spot on the outfit so it looks intentional. 

With a tan sweater

This is an unexpected pairing that totally works! Is it just me or does this tan sweater mellow out the pink on the bottom?

tan sweater

I was surprised by how great this relaxed fit sweater looks with these wide leg pants. An oversized t-shirt would also work.

This outfit has a laid-back vibe and pushing up the sleeves is essential to bring it together and draw attention to the waistline of the pants.  

With a striped pink boatneck shirt

This is one of those pink outfits where you unapologetically go all in and never look back.

pink stripe top

This may be the perfect outfit to wear for a trip to the circus. Just kidding. Or am I? 

With an oatmeal cardigan

It’s a little hard to see here, but I’m wearing my cream espadrilles with this oatmeal cream cardigan sweater. If you don’t have espadrilles, just wear a tan pair of sandals with a bit of a heel to elevate the look more.

oatmeal cardigan

This look may be a contender for a special occasion like Easter if it’s too cold to wear a dress, which happens a lot here in Virginia. 

With a grey sweatshirt 

This may be my favorite casual street style look of all with these pink pants. Take your favorite white sneakers and grey sweatshirt. Add your sling bag and you’re ready to run around town doing errands. 

grey sweatshirt

With a plain white tee and a dachshund

This is the easiest way to style your pink pants. Throw on a white top and some casual leather flip-flops. 

white tee

Grab your dachshund and your straw bag and you’re ready for the farmer’s market. Except I wouldn’t actually take him to the farmer’s market because he would torment everyone with his barking. It wouldn’t be a calm trip at all. But most people would forgive him because he’s so tiny and cute and has baseball mitts for paws. Dachshund paws are the best. Really. 

With a striped boatneck shirt 

Okay, now we’re talking! Let’s jazz things up again with a boatneck striped top and some “midnight” colored slides. They could be black. They could be navy. Just know that if you buy a pair of shoes called “midnight”, they’re not ready to be put in just one color category. 

navy stripe boatneck

A boatneck top draws the eye horizontal. And if you’re smaller on the top like I am, this shirt does a great job of creating more balanced proportions with your bottom half. If you’re looking for more tips on how to style wide leg pants for all body types, you’ll love my post, 12 Super Flattering Ideas for How to Wear Wide Leg Pants.

With a white and black graphic tee and black Adidas

Here’s another casual look with my favorite white graphic tee, black Adidas sneakers, and my sling bag. The sling bag is one of those new trends that Adam doesn’t understand at all. He doesn’t get how a fanny pack could be rebranded as a sling bag, and by wearing it over your shoulder, it’s suddenly cool. I have no answer for him. I just happen to love my sling bag.

graphic tee

It’s the main bag I carry when I run errands because it perfectly holds what I need. I can easily slip my little wallet and phone in and out of it as I shop. Everything’s easy to get my hands on.    

With a striped button-up shirt

Just add a button-up shirt anytime you want to create a work-friendly look. This time I’ve got on a blue striped button-up shirt from J.Crew that’s a staple in my closet for creating a professional look. 

striped button-up

With a grey tee

This is another of those super simple pink pants outfits. If you’re feeling like you don’t want to stand out too much in your bright pink pants, here’s the top for you. A grey crewneck wins every time.

gray crewneck

With a blazer

I was super curious to see this combo. My top choice would be to wear these pants with a white blazer or a light grey blazer, since those colors calm down the pink pants. I’ve been keeping an eye out for white blazers but haven’t found one I love, so here we are. If you have one, definitely try it. 

Here, I’m wearing the pants with a navy blazer.

navy blazer

This is one of those pink pant outfits that surprised me. I really like it! I decided to make it a casual look with a simple white tank top under the blazer and my gum sole white and navy Tretorn tennis shoes. That keeps the look easy and casual. And the white under the blazer draws the eye up to the face.

With a trench coat

Wondering what to wear for a light coat with these pants that’s dressier than a denim jacket? A trench coat is one of my favorite light coats! It brings instant style.

trench coat

The block heel sandals elevate the look, as does the coat. If you really wanted to dress up the look for a date night, you could wear a pair of block heel pumps.

With a blush sweater

This is a favorite of all the pink outfit ideas we’ve seen.  

blush pink sweater

It’s worth it to try different shades of pink with your pink pants, whether it’s a pink sweater or a pink shirt. And a light or dark tone. This blush sweater has some grey undertones and calms down the bubble gum pink pants a little. I kind of love it. It’s also on the roster for Easter, if it’s too cold to wear a dress.

With a graphic tee

Okay, you’ve already seen these pants with two graphic tees. But this one is too good to pass up!

This look came together in a strike of pure genius. Ha! I finally found the perfect match for my old “Let’s Roll” roller skate tee.

graphic tee

With my white and blue sneakers, it’s perfect!

With a blue-grey blouse

Last but not least, here’s a blue-grey blouse that pairs perfectly with these pink pants. I’d like this look even more if I tucked the shirt in tighter.

blue gray blouse

Those midnight block heel slides pull the look together.

Have I convinced you that pink pants are more versatile and easier to wear than you thought? Which outfit is your favorite look? Leave a comment below and let me know. XO, Marya

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