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10 Olive Green Shorts Outfits for Women You’ll Actually Love to Wear

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I never expected that my new Target women’s olive green shorts would become my favorite of the summer.

But before we dive into talking about shorts, can we take a second to celebrate my very first style post?

I’ve secretly wanted to have a fashion blog for about ten years. I finally broke through my self-judgment that said I couldn’t/shouldn’t be a fashion blogger.

And at last, I’m doing it.

In my first outfit photos, my hair is looking weird from bedhead and I’ve got some super awkward poses and facial expressions going on, but I’m embracing the imperfection of it all and celebrating that this dream is finally happening at the age of 48!

I started my career as a licensed therapist and it’s been a windy road to get here.

So I’m full of happy tears pushing publish today. It’s never too late to follow your heart, my friends!

Okay, now let’s get back to celebrating these amazing shorts.

When last year’s shorts didn’t fit this year, I tried on a ton of pairs before I found these 4-inch high rise olive green shorts from Target.

For reference, I’m 5’6″ and weigh 160 pounds. Typically I wear a size 12 on the bottom.

I was shocked when I pulled them on and they worked. So often, if shorts fit my tush, they gap at the waist.

They are soft and stretch in all the right places, thanks to a combo of cotton and spandex. I tried them in a 12 and a 14 and ended up in the 14 because I wanted a little more length in the leg. With plenty of thigh room, they also hold snug at the waist.

Curvy girls are singing their praises and they have a score of 4.7 out of 5 stars from 118 ratings!

Kato says, “Buying shorts for me is like buying swimsuits for other women. I hate it. I am short (5’3″) with an athletic build (read: muscular legs), and hippy. Shorts never fit unless they have an elastic waist. These fit like a dream! I love them AND they look great. Not too short and not too long. I ended up with two different colors. Finally – cute shorts to wear!”

I agree with Kato that it can be frustrating buying shorts. So I’m here to spread the good news about shorts that fit curvy bottoms! If you’ve nearly given up on trying to find shorts that work, give these a try. 

They come in 5 colors.

Here are 10 ways to style your olive green shorts.

10 olive green shorts outfits for women

With a white puff sleeve top

Since I’m a small on top and a large on the bottom, I love how a muted puff sleeve top can balance the two halves visually. And this one from Loft last year is perfect because it’s straight in the mid-section, giving a more defined waist (without clinging too much to my soft stomach). The vneck is elongating and very flattering. 

With a grey puff sleeve top

I picked this puff sleeve top up from the Gap last season. The puff is a bit more pronounced, but not so much that you feel like you have wings. It’s a light grey that looks great against olive shorts.

With a striped top

This top is an Amazon find that’s an elevated take on a striped tee, with its notched neckline and slightly puffed sleeve, it’s super versatile.

With an olive graphic tee and Gizeh Birkenstocks

Pairing olive on the top and bottom with Birkenstocks gives an effortless look for running errands.

I love a graphic tee and I love how chic this one is. It’s the kind that could end up under a blazer and be a statement tee. 

With an olive graphic tee and black Adidas tennis shoes

Remember black Adidas tennis shoes? They’re so cool.

I bought them when I walked a mile from my parking deck to the office every day and needed a closed-toe summer shoe to wear on rainy days that wasn’t a rain boot. Unexpectedly, they go with so many things. I’ve even worn them with a black skirt and dress.

With a grey graphic tee and leather flip flops

When I looked at this photo, I felt empowered by seeing these words on my chest. My heart opened and expanded in admiration for the woman I am and the woman I’ve become. Periodically, when I need a boost of self-love, I look at the picture to affirm who I am.

With a black puff sleeve tee

I love olive and black and this black top from Amazon is more elevated than a regular tee, with its slightly puffed sleeve and notched neck. And it’s so soft! Paired with some black ankle wrap sandals and it’s a complete outfit.

With a jean jacket and leather flip flops

I’m always freezing in grocery stores that are blasting air conditioning in the summer. Adding a jean jacket over my white v-neck tank top takes care of the AC chills.

With a white button up blouse and nude ankle wrap sandals.

Going out for a casual dinner? Try this combo of a smart white button up blouse and nude ankle wrap sandals to elevate the look.

With a dark gingham button down shirt and black Birkenstocks

Pairing this dark navy gingham button down shirt with them was an experiment that worked. The black Birkenstocks pull that dark color through in a second spot.


What would you do if you thought anything was possible? Leave a comment below. Remember: it’s never too late to follow your heart.

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