how to wear sneakers with a dress

12 Outfit Ideas for How to Wear Sneakers With a Dress

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If you love an elevated casual look like I do, wearing sneakers with a dress is a great way to achieve a laid-back, slightly elevated look. 

Sneakers are super walkable and wearable. They’re perfect for long days when you don’t want to wear high heels.

Your shoes define your entire look. Pairing them with your favorite dress creates a sporty, on-the-go look and an interesting, stylish tension. 

If you’re stumped about how to pull off dress and sneaker combos, in this post, I’ll share my favorite sneakers to pair with a dress and the kinds of dresses that work well with sneakers. I’ll then show you 10 outfits with sneakers and dresses, with styling tips to inspire your looks. 

First, let’s talk about what kind of sneakers to wear with a dress. 

What kind of sneakers can you wear with a dress?

I prefer sleek sneakers with a low vamp that shows the top of the foot to keep your legs looking nice and long. Try sneakers with a slim sole rather than chunky sneakers with thick running shoe treads.

My favorite sneakers are iconic and nostalgic, like Tretorns or Adidas. You’ll find classic Tretorns carried by Amazon, and even high-level stores like Anthropologie and Tuckernuck. I’ve owned black Adidas Gazelles for a long time and just added a pair of white Adidas Sambas with red stripes to my closet. Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars are a classic sneaker. If they feel like you, they’re a great option, too. The right pair of sneakers will feel like you and represent your personal style. 


You can’t go wrong with a pair of black or white sneakers, but sneakers in bright colors are emerging as a trend this season, too. 

I love to have a few different sneakers in my closet that go with my core wardrobe colors: black, navy, coral red, and Kelly green. I have sneakers in black, white with a navy logo, white with a Kelly green logo, and white with coral red. They’re easy to match with many different pieces in my closet. Sneakers are a great way to add just a splash of color, too. 

Wear them with no-show socks to keep your leg line looking nice and long. 

What type of dress works well with sneakers? 

Casual dresses are a great option with sneakers since they have a similar casual vibe. Knee-length and midi dresses, cotton t-shirt dresses, shirtdresses, and swing dresses are great with sneakers. Maxi dresses that hide your ankles run the risk of looking frumpy with sneakers. Formal dresses and voluminous flowy dresses are a bit too elevated to make sense with sneakers. 

Ready to look at dress and sneakers combinations? Let’s dive in!

12 outfits with sneakers and a dress

1. Black Adidas Gazelles with a short black shirtdress

Pairing black Adidas with a short black dress is one of the easiest combinations to put together. These black Adidas are some of my favorite sneakers of all time. Matching your shoes to your dress extends the leg line. I love a shirtdress because the row of buttons draws the eye up and down the middle of the body for an elongating effect. 

Black Adidas Gazelles with a short black shirtdress

Dress in black | Adidas Gazelles  | Bag color: B01 Black

2. Black Adidas Gazelles with a long black shirtdress

You can absolutely wear sneakers with a midi dress. A long skirt elongates the legs, and matching the sneakers to the skirt makes the legs look nice and long. Black sneakers create such a sporty feel here. The whole outfit feels sporty, thanks to the addition of a black Lululemon belt bag. Adding a baseball cap would give it another sporty touch. 

Black Adidas Gazelles with a long black shirtdress

Similar Dress | Adidas Gazelles | Lululemon Bag

3. Green logo Tretorns with a short blue gauze dress

This is a great travel outfit for summer. A gauze dress is super comfy. This one is from Old Navy. I always buy a Tall length at 5’6” since their dresses tend to shrink in length. A belt bag is great for traveling and exploring because you can keep everything you need, like your phone and wallet, right in front of your body. It’s also a good way to add waist definition to a dress that’s loose in the midsection. The sneakers with their green logo harmonize well with the blue dress.

Green logo Tretorns with a short blue gauze dress

Green Tretorns | Gauze Dress in Medium Tall | Belt Bag

4. Navy logo Tretorns with a blue floral midi dress

I love this look so much. This blue floral midi dress is a linen blend that’s super comfy and elevated thanks to the long length and stunning navy blue background. Notice how the tan gum sole of the sneakers draws the eye to the bottom of the foot and ties into the brown belt bag. Brown and navy are striking color combinations.

Navy logo Tretorns with a blue floral midi dress

Navy Tretorns | Dress | Belt Bag

This is such a great dress for vacationing somewhere warm.

5. Navy logo Tretorns with a long navy midi dress

Here’s another navy dress. I packed this dress for Thanksgiving but did not wear it because I wanted to feel more casual and didn’t want to wear boots or ankle boots. But wearing it with these navy Tretorns makes a perfect outfit for hanging with family and is so comfortable on an eating holiday. You create a more casual look while still wearing your favorite cute dress. Matching your sneaker logo to a color in the dress is a perfect way to tie the look together so they make sense.

Navy logo Tretorns with a long navy midi dress

Madewell Dress (Old & Sold Out) | Navy Tretorns | Belt Bag

6. Navy logo Tretorns with a short navy and pink floral dress

Pink and navy florals are outside my usual comfort zone. I usually lean toward solid color dresses or stripes. So I was surprised when I put this dress on and loved it, especially with these sneakers. The dress is lightweight and so easy to wear in hot weather. As someone who is larger on the bottom than up top, I love a dress with an A-line skirt and a drawstring waist that defines the midsection. The navy logo on the sneakers ties in so well with the florals. 

Navy logo Tretorns with a short navy and pink floral dress

Dress | Navy Tretorns | Bag

7. Navy logo Tretorns with a light blue swing tank dress

This light blue swing tank dress from Amazon is so fresh! It’s made of thin cotton, perfect for warm weather. I’m wearing those navy logo Tretorns with it. The gum sole and brown belt bag are striking with this blue. I love it!

Navy logo Tretorns with a light blue swing tank dress

Dress | Navy Tretorns | Belt Bag

8. Green logo Tretorns with a green floral midi dress

Here’s a youthful, casual country club look. These Kelly green logo Tretorns perfectly match this green floral dress. They add a playful vibe to this proper dress. You can also wear a plain white pair here for a fresh look. This look is perfect for an outdoor barbecue or garden party when a dress is required, but you want more foot stability.

Green logo Tretorns with a green floral midi dress

Dress | Green Tretorns | Bag

9. Green logo Tretorns with a short green dress

I wore this dress to our hot Italian summer party last summer. It’s a perfect match with these green logo Tretorns. Sneakers are a great choice anytime you run around on your feet all day.

Green logo Tretorns with a short green dress

Dress | Green Tretorns | Bag

10. Red Samba Adidas with a short red dress

These Adidas were an early 50th birthday present from Adam. Coral red is my power color, and I’m so in love with them. The gum sole looks amazing paired with this brown belt bag. I love this fresh and sporty combination!

Red Samba Adidas with a short red dress

Similar Dress | Adidas Sambas in solar red | Belt Bag

11. Navy logo Tretorns with a pink shirt dress

Gah! I love this pink short-sleeved shirt dress! It’s amazingly comfortable. These navy Tretorns are a natural choice to pair with pink. The brown belt bag adds some waist definition to this flowy dress.

Navy logo Tretorns with a pink shirt dress

Dress | Navy Tretorns | Belt Bag

12. Black Adidas with a black sweater dress

You can also wear sneakers in the fall as a great alternative to boots or ankle boots. In this look, I’m wearing a black sweater dress with black Adidas and a denim jacket for a laid-back look.

Black Adidas with a black sweater dress

Sweater Dress | Adidas Gazelles | Denim Jacket

Wearing sneakers with a dress is both practical and stylish. It instantly adds a playful and more casual vibe to a dress look. Experiment and have fun with them!

Looking for outfit inspiration for wearing white sneakers? Check out 23 Fresh Looks: How to Wear White Sneakers All Year Long.

how to wear sneakers with a dress

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