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25 Outfits: What to Wear with Olive Green Pants

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If you’re tired of always wearing black pants or blue jeans, you can shake things up by adding a pair of green pants to your closet. 

Every season has a tone of green pants. Around St. Patrick’s Day, I’m always drawn to the emerald or kelly green pants that pop up in stores. Bright green pants scream the freshness of spring to me. And can be worn with neutral colors and, for a real statement, bright colors. In spring and summer, you’ll also see lighter sage green pants. For fall, you see olive pants along with darker shades like forest green that can take you right into winter. 

If you’re feeling stumped about what color shirt to pair your green pants with, I’ve got you covered. In this post, I’ll show you 25 green pants outfit ideas. You’ll see outfits with two pairs of green pants that are slightly different colors of olive green. 

What color shirt goes well with olive green pants? 

Olive green is an earthy, chic tone paired with neutrals. Whatever green shade of pants you have, a great way to create a perfect match is to start with neutral colors. Shades of black, white, gray, and tan. The color wheel places green and blue next to each other. That makes blue and green a harmonious pairing. Navy is a great color to pair with any green color pants. With olive green pants try black for a night out. For day try navy, white, gray, stripes, and tan. Add black or brown shoes and a bag to make your look pop.  

Now, ready to look at some stylish outfits? Let’s dive in!

With a gray pullover sweater

Here’s a fun and unexpected look. I’m wearing a light gray pullover sweater with silver Mary Janes for a pop of shine that draws in the eye. If you’re hesitant to follow the silver shoe trend, here’s a way to do it that’s not too over the top.

Olive green pants with gray pullover

Pants | Sweater | Similar Shoes

These pants are wide-leg tapered pants from J.Crew Factory. This style of pants can be dressed up with heels, or dressed down with sneakers. You can make a ton of versatile looks with them. The store calls this color Spanish Moss.

With a navy cardigan

This navy cardigan from J.Crew is a natural pairing with these green pants. Take a styling cue from Mother Nature. Dark green, navy, and brown occur naturally alongside one another near the oceanside. They easily pair together in an outfit. We’re planning a trip to Scotland in the spring and this is exactly the type of outfit I can see wearing there. Since these pants have a wide leg and are loose in the hips and thighs, a fitted short sweater keeps the proportions balanced.

Olive green pants with navy cardigan

Pants | Sweater | Shoes | Bag

With a white sweater

You can’t go wrong pairing green with white for a fresh combination.  Here I’m wearing a textured white sweater and cap-toe flats for a visual pop at the feet. I’m skipping a belt to keep the look more casual.

Olive green pants with white pullover

Pants | Sweater | Similar Shoes

With a white and black striped top

Here’s a casual outfit perfect for running around town. Throw on your favorite sneakers. I love these black New Balance sneakers since I wear a ton of black. They create a cohesive look with this striped shirt and black quilted bag. 

Olive green pants with striped top

Shirt | Pants | Sneakers | Bag

With a gray sweater and leather jacket

Gray is a great option with olive pants and really works with any pair of green pants. For an edgy twist, I’m wearing my black Adidas tennis shoes and leather jacket. These pants are an old pair of wide leg cropped pants from Old Navy. They’re super comfy and have a bit of a cargo pants vibe but without the patch pockets. 

Olive green pants with gray sweater and leather jacket

Similar Sweater | Jacket | Adidas | Similar Pants

With a black and white striped cardigan

These pants are so versatile, you can absolutely pair them with heels. This slim-fitting black and white striped cardigan takes center stage in this look. Adding a black belt with a gold buckle that matches the gold buttons, and black ankle wrap heels creates a cohesive look here. It feels very grounded with these dark green pants.

Olive green pants with striped cardigan

Pants | Sweater | Heels | Belt

With a gray sweater

Here’s my favorite gray turtleneck sweater. These pants have a wide leg that’s tapered and they’re so comfortable. As someone who wears a size 12 on the bottom, I was a little skeptical about how this pant shape would work for me. But they’re a great option. 

Olive green pants with gray sweater

Pants | Similar Sweater | Shoes

Black Adidas tennis shoes make for a casual look.

With a cream sweater vest

Gah, I love this look so much! These pants lean toward casual chino pants. But I love creating an interesting juxtaposition with them by pairing them with these ankle strap heels. The belt is important for elevating the look. The cream sweater vest creates an elegant look next to this darker shade of green. Top this look off with a black trench coat for a night out.

Olive green pants with sweater vest

Pants | Heels | Belt | Similar Vest

With a black blazer and black top

Here’s an easy look. Pair a black top with a black blazer. A brown belt adds a pop of contrast. Animal print ballet flats act like a neutral and draw the eye down.

Olive pants with a black blazer, black top, animal print ballet flats, brown belt and brown tote bag

Similar Pants | Similar Blazer | Flats

With a navy shirt and navy blue blazer

This look screams “office wear”, but make it comfortable. I’m pairing a navy blue shirt with a navy schoolboy blazer from J.Crew Factory. Then brown mules and a similar tone belt and bag create a sharp-looking office look.

Olive green pants with navy shirt and navy blazer

Pants | Shoes | Bag | Blazer | Similar Navy Top

With a black and white striped shirt

You’ve seen how black and white stripes work with green. But I couldn’t resist pairing this black shirt with these pants and black loafers. Loafers are ideal with these ankle-length pants. I tried ballet flats with them but they were too slim and the proportions felt off with the wider leg.

Olive green pants with striped top

Pants | Shoes | Shirt | Bag

With a white t-shirt

Here’s a look for summer. There’s something so comfortable and easy but put together about this look. Including the black belt with the black sandals and tote pulls it all together.

Olive green pants with a white t-shirt, black ankle wrap sandals, black belt and black tote bag

Similar Pants | Tote | Sandals

It’s a casual outfit, but thoughtful. 


With a gray sweater and navy coat

Here’s another very colorful look for cooler months. This navy statement coat creates a chic look with anything you pair it with. These classic brownish-burgundy Chelsea boots are a perfect choice here if you want something different than black shoes or brown shoes. The brown belt and bag interject another color tone from a fall color palette.

Olive green pants with a gray sweater and navy coat

Pants | Coat | Boots | Bag

With a black turtleneck and black trench coat

As soon as I put on this black turtleneck I knew the black trench coat was the perfect completer piece. In the cold weather, you can totally wear black socks with your black loafers.

Olive green pants with a black turtleneck and black trench coat

Pants | Shoes | Trench Coat | Turtleneck

With a gray cable knit sweater

Here’s that outfit from above without the navy coat so you can see the gray sweater. This rich gray cable knit sweater brings all the texture and pops next to the brown accessories and dark green pants.

Olive green pants with a gray sweater

Pants | Boots | Bag

With a white and black striped shirt and a denim jacket

You’ve seen this striped shirt before. Here I’m wearing it with a blue denim jacket over top. 

Olive green pants with a white and black striped shirt, denim jacket, black loafer mules, and black tote bag

Similar Pants | Shirt | Jacket | Bag

So simple with black mules and a tote bag. Love it. 

With a tan sweater

Tan is another perfect match with olive green and gives a spicy nod to this look when paired with the brown belt and bag.

Olive green pants with a tan sweater

Pants | Boots | Bag | Similar Sweater

With a striped button down and denim jacket

If you’re a regular reader then you know this striped blue button-down is an absolute favorite of mine. Ha, it would be fun to see if I can include it in every single blog post I write. A great way to wear it is paired with a classic blue denim jacket. This is a look you could totally wear to a business casual workplace.

Olive green pants with a striped button down and denim jacket

Pants | Shoes | Jacket | Shirt | Similar Belt

With a navy shirt and Houndstooth blazer

This post is not sponsored by J.Crew Factory, but it should be! In this outfit, I’m wearing another J.Crew Factory blazer. This time, it’s a Houndstooth blazer that has a ton of different color tones, including navy and the brown that’s in the accessories. And it totally works with these olive green trousers. There’s a ton of color in this outfit, but they’re all muted colors so this look screams fall.

Olive green pants with a navy top and Houndstooth blazer

Pants | Shoes | Bag | Similar Navy Top | Blazer

With a white blouse and a black tweed jacket 

Okay, I’m continuing with the heels theme here. But this time, I’ve paired these pants with a button down white shirt. Then I’m wearing a short asymmetrical tweed jacket over top. Black, white, and olive are so good together! Wear this for a night out on the town. 

Olive green pants with a white button down and tweed jacket

Pants | Heels | Belt | Shirt

With a navy and white striped shirt

Here’s another striped shirt look. It’s hard to tell but these stripes are navy. And the collar adds a fun twist to the look. 

Olive green pants with a striped top

Pants | Shoes | Bag

With a black t-shirt

It’s totally possible to wear a slouchy tee with oversized pants for a cool, laid-back vibe. That’s what I’m wearing here. Adding a slight front tuck to the shirt is a great way to show some waistline. I went without a belt to keep the low-key vibe.

Olive green pants with a black muscle tee, black Gizeh Birkenstock thongs and a black tote bag

Similar Pants | Bag | Birkenstocks

A pair of Birkenstocks, with their clunky wide sole, feels like a perfect combination with wide-leg pants.

With a white crop top

This is an easy breezy look. With a white tank top that’s not quite as short as a crop top, I’m letting it hang out over the waistline of these pants for a laid-back look perfect for summer days.

Olive green pants with a white tank crop top and leather tan flip flops

Similar Pants | Similar Flip Flops

Super versatile tan leather flip-flops finish the look. 

With a white tank top and blue denim jacket

I threw on a denim jacket here and switched out the shoes for my cognac Mary Jane clogs. And added a matching cognac tote bag. For an easy afternoon out. Simple and cute. 

Olive green pants with a white tank top, blue denim jacket, cognac Mary Jane clogs and a cognac tote bag

Similar Pants | Jacket | Shoes

With a white top and black blazer

Here’s another black blazer look. This time with a black belt, mules, and a tote bag for a work look. I’d like this even more if I’d pushed up the sleeves on the blazer to draw the eye to the waistline.

Olive green pants with a white top, black blazer, black belt and black mule loafers

Similar Pants | Bag | Similar Blazer

The best way to wear olive green pants is in a way that feels most like you. Experiment and have fun with it! 

Infographic, how to wear green pants

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