how to style a white skirt

10 Outfit Ideas for How to Style a White Skirt

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A white skirt is a spring and summer staple. White is an absolute summer favorite when you’re trying to stay cool in the heat. It’s also a versatile neutral that can be paired with a lighter color, vibrant color, or pattern. 

If you’re looking for a nice alternative to blue denim in warm weather, a white skirt is a great option for an everyday casual look, perfect for lunch with friends and even special invitations like picnics and parties. 

There are two drawbacks to a white skirt. Just like with white jeans, if you drop food on it, you cannot hide it. You have to carry stain remover with you. Also, wearing a lighter color on the bottom half draws the eye to that area. If you’re larger below the waist, like I am at a size 12, dark colors are generally more flattering since they create a slimming effect. The right styling becomes even more important to balance proportions and create a streamlined look.

For this post, I tried several white denim skirts from various price points. For all of the skirts, I needed to size up. I ended up liking an Amazon Essentials skirt the best. It’s fitted like a white pencil skirt and ends above my knee at 5’6”. This is a great length if you’re not interested in wearing a white miniskirt. It’s not see-through and hugs the curves. I’m wearing it in a size 14.

If you’re wondering how to style a white skirt, I have 10 outfit ideas with styling tips for you. 

How to wear a white skirt

Ready to dive in? Let’s look at some white-skirt inspo!

1. With a pink twist-neck blouse

Because this skirt is tighter, I knew the first piece I wanted to style was a top I could leave untucked. And this one is perfect for that. I wore this top for Easter and adored it. The twist at the neck is a gorgeous Jackie O detail and a chic way of drawing the eye to the face. The slightly puffy sleeves are great if you’re smaller up top than on the bottom, like I am. They help to balance proportions between the two halves, minimizing my size 12 bottom half. 

A white skirt with a pink twist-neck blouse

Top | Skirt | Slides

I’m wearing raffia slides with a gold buckle for shoes. The gold buckle is a simple way to give them a slightly elevated look. 

2. With a white cable knit collared sweater

Here’s a very summery look! I’m surprised by how much I love this outfit. Sometimes, a white look can come across as too plain. But the cable knit on this sweater with a collar gives off a country club vibe that’s super cute and very on-trend in the fashion world. I’ve done a slight front tuck with the sweater, but you can also leave it untucked if you prefer.

A white skirt with a white cable knit collared sweater

Top | Skirt | Slides

I’m wearing the same raffia slides for a little bit of warm weather bling. 

3. With a black and white contrast trim top

Wearing black and white together is a classic and trendy look in the fashion world this season, and I love pieces with contrasting trim. The trim adds just the right amount of visual interest and is an easy way to elevate a simple piece. It’s a great alternative to a black tee. This one is from Amazon and is ribbed and so cute! The contrast trim at the neck draws the eye up to the face. I’m tucking it into the skirt and adding a black and gold belt, a black and gold crossbody, and woven black slides from Amazon.

A white skirt with a black and white contrast trim top

Top | Skirt | Slides | Crossbody | Belt | Necklace

4. With a J.Crew-inspired striped sweater vest

If you follow me here, you know I love J.Crew’s Emilie striped lady jackets. I own the original sweater in black with cream stripes from J.Crew and then bought an Amazon version in cream with black stripes. J.Crew is continuing that line with a sweater vest. This Amazon version is the next best thing and is so similar. This cream version’s stripes are black, and J.Crew’s are navy. And this version is about 3 inches longer (22 inches total) so it’s less cropped, which makes it so much more wearable. I’d love it even more if the buttonholes were a bit sturdier. 

A white skirt with a J.Crew-inspired striped sweater vest

Vest | Skirt | Slides | Tote Bag | Belt | Necklace

When I’m wearing a form-fitting skirt, I like a top that balances my lower body. A plain tank top or racerback tee can be a little too slim-fitting up top for me. Adding vertical stripes on this vest is one of the best ways to draw the eye across, creating more balance with my bottom half. I’m wearing the vest over a tank top you can’t see, front-tucking the vest to reveal the gold belt buckle on my black belt. Those black woven slides are making an appearance again. And I’m carrying a black shoulder bag.

5. With a blue and white striped puff sleeve blouse 

Here’s a cute look that could work for the office. I’m wearing a blue and white puff sleeve button down tucked in with a brown belt and matching brown ballet flats and bag. This outfit shows the power of puff sleeves to balance my lower half. Notice how proportionate my upper and lower body appear here. I’m wearing the blouse in a size medium and the skirt in a 14.

A white skirt with a blue and white striped puff sleeve blouse 

Skirt | Top | Ballet Flats | Tote Bag | Belt | Necklace

6. With a white and navy striped crewneck tee

I love how stripes add visual interest to any look. Here, I’m wearing a simple white tee with navy stripes. I’m tucking the top in and defining the waistline with a brown belt. And then my white and navy Tretorn sneakers with gum soles create a laid-back look. This is the kind of look you can wear when you’re traveling. I love a belt bag for days when I’m walking or sightseeing since you can carry all your essentials in front of your body. This leather belt bag has an equestrian vibe. 

A white skirt with a white and navy striped crewneck tee

Skirt | Striped Tee in “Marker Stripe Ivory Nav” | Tretorn Sneakers in “White/Navy” | Belt Bag | Belt | Necklace

7. With a striped button-down shirt layered over a white t-shirt

If you feel more comfortable wearing a more flowy piece rather than a structured top with a fitted denim skirt, wearing an oversized button-down shirt untucked creates visually appealing proportions. Ideally, the shirt should cover about two-thirds of the overall look, with the skirt visible for the remaining one-third. In general, these proportions are very pleasing to the eye. I love the laid-back feel it creates to wear an oversized shirt over a fitted skirt. It works with a knee-length or mini skirt. Tucking the white tank or t-shirt in and adding a belt helps to define the waistline, as does adding a brown belt bag, which cuts the body across. You can also create these proportions with a long cardigan that’s a similar length to the button-down shirt. Incorporating white layers creates a chic monochromatic look. 

A white skirt  with a striped button-down shirt layered over a white t-shirt

Striped Button-Up Shirt | White Tee | Slides in “Saddle” | Skirt | Belt Bag | Belt | Necklace

8. With a Houndstooth blazer and white t-shirt

This tan Houndstooth blazer is a new item in my closet that’s a great alternative to a plain white blazer in warmer months. Pairing a blazer with a white skirt makes a great workday outfit and a nice matching moment. This is another example of the two-thirds and one-third proportions rule. But this time, I’m wearing a classic fit blazer rather than a button-down shirt. If an oversized blazer feels more like your personal style, that’s another good option. For a clean and elevated look, I’m tucking in the t-shirt and wearing a brown belt, which matches the brown ballet flats and bag. Wearing a blazer with a fitted denim skirt is a nice pick if you prefer more coverage over your midsection and rear. 

A white skirt with a Houndstooth blazer and white t-shirt

Blazer | White Tee | Skirt | Ballet Flats | Tote Bag | Belt | Necklace

9. With a black sweater vest

Here’s another black-and-white look. This time, I’m wearing my black chunky wedge sweater vest with the white skirt. A cap sleeve is a good idea if you want to add some definition to the shoulders while making your arms appear longer and leaner. Adding a pop of brown and bringing in a third color through brown accessories adds dimension and visual interest to the look.

A white skirt with a black sweater vest

Similar SweaterSkirt | Ballet Flats | Bag Belt | Necklace

10. With a black and white rugby stripe sweater

This black and white sweater is my favorite piece! I love the contrast and visual interest created by black-and-white rugby stripes. If you’re afraid of how a rugby stripe draws the eye across the body, adding a collared v-neck like this draws the eye up to the face and elongates the upper body. 

A white skirt with a black and white rugby stripe sweater

SweaterSkirt | Similar MulesCrossbody | Belt | Necklace

Choosing a white skirt is a timeless and trendless way to create a summery look that keeps you cool and stylish.

how to style a white skirt

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