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How to Find the Best Amazon Clothing + Prime Day + My Amazon Faves

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Updated 7/11/23 10:30 AM

Amazon Prime Day is right around the corner! It’s the retailer’s biggest sale of the year and you’ll find deep discounts on everything from clothing to beauty supplies to household essentials. 

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, July 11th, and Wednesday, July 12th. Some markdowns will last only a few hours, others will be available for the entire two days. And many items are already on sale.

To take advantage of the sales, you’ll need to be an Amazon Prime member. Sign up for a free trial if you want to test it out first.

In this post, I’ll get you ready to shop for Prime Day. See 9 super good tips for finding the best clothing on Amazon. Also, view my favorite Amazon items. And bookmark this post and come back on Tuesday, when I’ll be sharing my top picks on the deals as they are revealed. 

Amazon Prime Membership Benefits

When I think of shopping on Amazon, I think of convenience. 

During the pandemic, several local stores closed. And with shipping from other clothing retailers taking longer than usual, I started turning to Amazon for the convenience and fast free shipping offered by Amazon Prime. Millions of prime items have fast and free two-day, one-day, and in some areas, same-day delivery.  

Amazon also makes it very easy to do returns. Just process the return on the Amazon website or app. Take the item (in most cases you don’t need the original packaging) to the designated drop-off location. For me, I have a few to choose from and usually go to our local Whole Foods Store. Show the return barcode that’s been emailed to you or in the app, and they package the item up and mail it back for you. 

That’s the easy part of shopping on Amazon. The hard part is that you have to dig a bit to find good clothes. I’ve learned a few things in the process.

How to find the best clothing on Amazon

1. Shop with your measurements in mind and always consult the size chart. With some overseas manufacturers, sizing can vary considerably from U.S. measurements. Reading the sizing chart makes a difference. Size up to get a size that works. Once you read the sizing chart, you still want to read the review comments.

2. Always read the reviews for people who are the same height and weight as you, and look at their pictures. Read about the size they chose, the quality of the fabric, and the overall quality of the item.

3. Look at the fabric type. I prefer 100% cotton, viscose (looks silky but feels like cotton), or cotton or polyester blends and steer away from 100% polyester. True 100% polyester lacks breathability and is stifling in hot weather. The Amazon brands Goodthreads and Amazon Essentials tend to have natural fibers including 100% cotton and linen and cotton blends. 

Amazon maxi dresstiered

Dress | Pearl Cluster Earrings | Similar Bag

4. Shop Amazon’s own clothing brands. I always look there first since the quality is more predictable. Amazon’s brands are Goodthreads, Amazon Essentials, and The Drop. The Drop is Amazon’s fashion line with limited-edition styles curated by influencers. Amazon Essentials and The Drop offer plus sizes.  

trench coat, striped shirt outfit

Pearl Cluster Earrings | Amazon Essentials Striped Shirt | Amazon Essentials Trench Coat | The Drop Tote

5. Look for your favorite designer brands. Did you know you can find Madewell, J.Crew Mercantile, Gap, Good American, Ugg, Levi’s, Free People, Democracy, and a ton of others on Amazon? And often you’ll find good discounts on these brands.

6. Read the return directions for each item you put in your cart. Almost every item I’ve purchased has the easy Amazon Prime return procedure. But a few want the item shipped back to the seller, which could mean you have to pay a pricey overseas shipping cost. Always double-check the return process and make sure it says “free returns” next to the price. 

7. Use Prime Try Before You Buy. Prime Try Before You Buy gives you 7 days to try clothes on for free. You only get charged if you decide to keep it. And it comes with free shipping and returns. Although, sometimes the shipping can take a bit longer when you Try Before You Buy. I use this all the time to try clothes and I love that your card only gets charged if you decide to keep a piece. You do need to go into the app at 7 days to tell them if you want to keep an item, but they send you reminders. If you miss the deadline your card will be charged but you still have a 30-day return period. Try Before You Buy is not available on every item. In the item description, look for a “toggle” you can slide on to have the option to use Prime Try Before You Buy. In the payment area, you’ll see a button that says, “Add to cart and try free”. 

8. Receive shoes quickly through Zappos since it’s now owned by Amazon.  If you need new shoes quickly, look on Zappos. You can use your fast Amazon Prime shipping benefits on Zappos purchases. Zappos also has Madewell items and other popular clothing brands like Kut from the Kloth, Lilly Pulitzer, Spanx, and many more. 

9. Schedule monthly home essentials for auto-delivery. Okay, so scheduling items for auto-delivery is not a unique offering to Amazon Prime, but it’s so useful I had to mention it. During the pandemic, we had a hard time finding our old doxie’s canned dog food and would go to 3 stores to track it down. We discovered we could schedule auto-shipments through Amazon’s Subscribe + Save program. It’s been amazing to know we’ll always be able to get his dog food. Sometimes some cans are dinged, but the benefits outweigh the cons. 

Amazon Prime Day Deals

Ready for Amazon Prime Day Deals? Gap is offering major deals. You’ll find major savings on their jeans, designer Joe’s Jeans (perfect if you’re taller), Levi’s, and Lucky Brand.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out my Amazon favorites below. I share notes about each item below the product name and price.

Amazon Favorites

Clothes + Coats

I turn to Amazon for clothes when I’ve looked locally and can’t find what I want at the price point I want. When I need something delivered fast. When I’m looking for a style that I’m not seeing in other shops. And to try new styles that I’m not ready to drop a lot of money on. 

I’ve found some of my favorite pieces there. Chic graphic tees like the “J’Adore Paris” tee below.

Paris tee outfit

Graphic Tee | Similar Skirt | Similar Bag | Slides

My favorite pair of bootcut jeans are from the Gap on Amazon. I wear a size 31 “short” so I can wear them with sneakers. As I write this, these jeans are 50% off.

bootcut jeans outfit

Bag | Shirt | Jeans | Sneakers

Plus, my “starter” trench coat, which gets so many compliments. The T-shirt dress and flip-flops are also from Amazon.

trench coat and t-shirt dress outfit

Amazon Essentials Trench Coat | Amazon Essentials T-shirt Dress | Flip Flops

My boatneck Breton stripe tees are also favorites. I have them in two colors, red stripe, and black and white stripe.

Breton stripe tee outfit

Breton Stripe Shirt | Loafers | The Drop Tote Bag | Pants | Blazer (old)

Here are my favorite pieces.

Shoes + Sneakers

Here are my favorite shoes.


At first, I was hesitant to buy jewelry on Amazon but when I read the reviews first, I’ve always been happy with the quality of the pieces.

I wear my Amazon Pearl cluster earrings or gold hoops almost every day.

Pearls are a classic that’s trending. If you love them, check out, How to Wear Pearls From Day to Night + Look Fresh + Modern.

Bags + Purses

My favorite Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag is now available through Amazon. It makes for easy hands-free shopping and traveling. And it adds an athletic edge to your look.

Lululemon bag outfit

Bag | Denim Skirt | Top | Adidas

Here are some of my favorite finds.

Beauty Supplies

I do my best to use beauty products that are free from hormone disruptors. I’m not perfect at it and still have a few items I’m experimenting with. Running products through the Think Dirty app makes it much easier to know how “clean” an item is.

Almost every product I use can be purchased on Amazon because it’s so convenient.

I wrote about my clean hair routine here, How to Get Effortless Loose Curls in Frizzy Long Hair, and have been told that my recommended products are better than more expensive options.

Household Supplies

A few of these items have revolutionized our lives.

Adam loves the hands-free soap dispenser. We use it in the kitchen and always get comments on it. If you don’t want to touch the soap dispenser with raw meat hands, then you know why this is so good. We gave his mom one and she loves it.

The clear storage bins have allowed me to finally keep my deep pantry clean. Read a post about it here, How To Really Organize Deep Pantry Shelves When You Have No Time.

A clothing steamer has saved me from the dreaded task of ironing. The small steamer I use steams for about 15 minutes and needs to be refilled. If you do a lot of steaming at once, choose a larger steamer.

Check back on Tuesday to learn about the latest Amazon Prime Day deals! XO, Marya

Have a favorite Amazon product? Leave a comment below and let me know about it! I love to try new products.

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