Best Gifts for Soccer Fans and Players

The 70 Best Gifts for Soccer Fans and Soccer Players

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If you’ve been wondering what to get for all the soccer lovers and soccer players in your life, you have come to the right place! 

Today, I’m turning the blog over to my husband, Adam, so he can talk about the best gifts for the football lover. It’s not an understatement to say Adam has lived for soccer most of his life. He started playing in kindergarten! And played Division 1 soccer in college and then played professionally in the US after college. He’s also been a soccer coach for all his nieces and nephews.

For him, the world is a little brighter when it’s soccer season and he can hunker down in front of the Premier League and world soccer games and root for his favorite teams. 

Every holiday season and special occasion, he and his brother trade soccer themed presents. 

So if you’re a soccer mom, wife or grandparent looking for the best soccer gifts to give your soccer enthusiast, he’s got you covered!

In this guide, you’ll get English Premier League (EPL), Major League Soccer (MLS) and World Cup jersey suggestions that they’ll want to wear everywhere. Plus, training and workout gear that will level up his or her game performance. And memorabilia to love. Plus, we can’t resist and included a little Ted Lasso gear too. 

Now, over to Adam… 

Hi all! Adam here! 

There are thousands of pro football teams around the world. So the soccer gift ideas are endless. There are several places you can buy from.

Where can you buy the perfect gift for a soccer fan?

Every team has their own online shop through their team website. Or you can just go to World Soccer Shop. They have a great selection of the most popular team jerseys (called kits) and gear that you can buy for your sports fan. 

Traditionally, World Soccer Shop’s shipping is faster. But the team websites have vastly improved their turnaround time for shipment to the States.

You can also run a search for the team’s name on Amazon and find some options there.

If you are looking for Major League Soccer gear, MLS has their own site that has all the teams. Very convenient. In the header of their website, click the three dots, and click on “Clubs”. And find the team you want.

Every football club in the world has a website and a link for “Store” or “Shop”. The categories are typically something like this or some variation:

  • Christmas. Seasonal items. If you are struggling for a gift idea, just find out who their favorite team is and they will love anything in this category.
  • Kit Room. A kit is another word for the uniform or jersey the players wear. It’s the term used outside the USA. This is where you can buy authentic kits or replicas. Kits can be expensive depending on how good the team is. Authentic kits from a top team will be pricey. But they are the actual jerseys the players wear. The replicas will look the same, but the fabric may not be as good and they will not breathe as well. You will lose some details like stitching or texture as well.
  • Training. This is where you can get your biggest bang for your buck. Great items that you can wear out on the town or to work out in.
  • Retro. These are retired jerseys from the past. Some of my favorites. And great deals.
  • Fashion. Some of my favorite sweaters come from this area. The fit is usually great.
  • Gifts & Souvenirs. You can get great gift ideas. The wall art is always my favorite.

Here are some picks broken down by category, with comments.

What are the best gifts for soccer fans? 

Let’s start by talking about kits or team jerseys. All kits are awesome.  They’re a great way to show support for a team or player.

Kits (aka Sports Jerseys or Team Uniforms)

Ask your family member who their favorite soccer team and favorite soccer player is. If they have favorites, then a kit for that team or player is a great gift idea.

This is a gift I never tire of unwrapping. If I could, I’d like to have every jersey. They can be worn out on the town or to a game. And it doesn’t even have to be a soccer game. Football kits are conversation starters. My brother wore his Tottenham Hotspurs jersey to an LSU football game and people started chanting the team chant, “come on you Spurs”. There are hidden soccer fans everywhere. 

Let’s talk about how they fit for a second. All kits are fitted. I’m 6 foot tall, 180 pounds with a 34 waist. And large jerseys are always a perfect fit. If your loved one is larger in the belly area, the large will be snug around their midsection.

If they are ripped up top, the large may be pretty tight as well. But it will show off their muscles.

If they don’t like the fitted look, go up a size. 

There are 3 different kits per team. The home, away and third kit.

English Premier League Kits

I have to start by talking about the kit of my favorite team. And that’s the Tottenham Hotspurs who play in the English Premier League. The EPL is the top division in England and Wales. Scotland has their own football association. Harry Kane is my favorite player for the Spurs. He’s one of the best strikers in the world. And he’s the captain of the 2022 England World Cup team.

The 2022/23 Tottenham home kit was highly rated. Clean and simple. Unlike their away kit, which reminds me of a little kid’s swim shirt.

Here is the home kit.


If my brother, a die hard Tottenham fan, let me own a non-Tottenham kit, I would get the Aston Villa home kit. I love the scarlet red and light blue. This is a red that works on me.

Don’t overlook the shorts that go with the kits. They are great quality and provide tremendous performance. The players run around in them for 90 minutes so they have to feel good, right? I ran a marathon in my Tottenham game shorts with zero chafing. That’s how perfect they are.

Don’t forget to look at the third kit. They are sometimes the best and a really great option. Not everyone will have it so they can be unique. Also, some years, the first or away kits are not so hot. And the third kits end up being the best.

Here is one from Brighton. I love their logo.

If your special someone doesn’t have a favorite team. Just find a logo you like from a pro team somewhere in the world. 

Here’s a great one from the Bundesliga. The top league in Germany.

And here is a jersey from Bayern Munich.

Don’t neglect the bottom leagues of each country. Here’s a team that competes against Wrexham in the fifth tier in English football. Wrexham has become popular because Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney recently purchased it. Wrexham’s kit is nice too, but I don’t look good in red.

I love the owl logo on this one.

This logo is awesome. And who doesn’t like a place called Dorking.

The top league in Spain is LaLiga.

Some of the best teams and players in the world are in LaLiga. However, shipping is spotty with these teams so buying from World Soccer Shop is your best bet.

Here is the home jersey for FC Barcelona. Always one of the top teams in the world.

Lionel Messi is arguably the best player in the world and a soccer star. He plays in the top league in France. His home kit is an ideal gift for the soccer lover.

Bentancur is one of my favorite players. He plays for Uruguay. Their jerseys are awesome.


Here is one from the top Italian league – Serie A. This is awesome. And kind of fancy.

Here is one from Ross County from the Scottish premiership.

Now let’s look at Major League Soccer jerseys. The MLS is the top league in the United States. 

Major League Soccer Jerseys

Below is a selection of some of my favorites. As I said earlier, you can go to the MLS Store to find your favorite team.

Here is a replica jersey for the Real Salt Lake team. This one has a clean and classic design.

I love anything pink.

Here is the home kit for Inter Miami CF.

This one is pretty cool from Minnesota United. They have a great logo. There I go again, always loving all logos that have birds.

Chicago Fire’s home kit is on fire!

Here is a nice green from Austin FC.

World Cup Jerseys

The World Cup will be held now through Christmas. The best place to find your loved one’s favorite nation’s jersey is on World Soccer Shop. You can go directly to their favorite country’s site using the “National Teams” link.

Here are some good examples.

Mexico’s away jersey is getting rave reviews.

France’s home jersey is an instant classic. Leave it to the French to have one of the best.

The England home jersey is very nice. I will get one and customize it with Harry Kane’s name on the back.

Senegal’s home jersey is great. They may have the best logo in the tournament.

Lionel Messi plays for Argentina. Get the home jersey with his name on the back. Hey, it’s fun to jump on the bandwagon (UPDATE: This item is sold out).

Check out the away kit for Ecuador (UPDATE: This item is sold out).

Don’t forget to look at the prematch warm up jerseys. Check out this one from Belgium. Wild!!

Your loved one can own an authentic Cristiano Ronaldo jersey. 2022 may be his last World Cup.

Son from the Tottenham Hotspurs plays for Korea.

Let’s move on from kits and talk about training clothing. Or workout gear they can wear every day. 

Training and workout clothing

The Adidas Tiro track pants are the best athletic pants ever made. Throw all your other sweatpant type pants out the window and get seven pairs of these. Even if you don’t like soccer. They are so versatile and will be a great addition to their closet. Great for lounging, walking the dog, playing soccer, short runs and long winter runs or even sleeping in style. If I could, I would wear them 24/7. I ask for a pair or two every year for Christmas. 

There are two versions. This is the pro version. They are a little tighter and higher performance than the standard Tiro. But it all depends on their taste and needs.

Here’s the standard Tiro, they’re the perfect overall fit.

This is an awesome top from Leeds.

Check out these training pants from the Manchester United site!

If you don’t want to spend the money for an authentic Ronaldo jersey. Here’s a way to get his name on a shirt without the high price (UPDATE: This item is sold out). You can find deals like this for every team and the best players.

Hoodies are popular this year. Here is a full zip one from the MLS store. It is from Real Salt Lake. They have a cool crest. Multiple colors to choose from.

This jacket from Ross County in Scotland looks amazing. Thinking I need to buy this one.

I may be a little obsessed with Ross County’s gear.

Here is a cool half zip.

And this t-shirt is so cool. Maybe I’ll find some Ross gear under the tree this year.

Leicester City has a cool logo and this training jersey is great. It has the look of a kit without the high price.

Who doesn’t like a cool long sleeve t-shirt? Here is a Lionel Messi long sleeve tee.

Here’s an awesome training jersey from Bayern Munich.

Here is a fantastic quarter zip from Leeds. Leeds is managed by Jesse Marsch, one of the few Americans to ever manage a Premier League team. They also have the most US National team players in the Premier League. 

Gifts, accessories, etc.

There are tons of great gift ideas in the gift, accessories, home decoration type categories.

This would be a super special gift. But pricey. 

Here’s the official World Cup ball.

Or buy their favorite team’s ball. I have a Tottenham ball I bought at Dick’s Sporting Goods. And it’s my favorite. 

Here’s a good deal on Amazon. You can find any team, just Google it. 

Here is a puffer vest from Burnley. Looks like most popular teams offer a puffer vest option. It’s actually a good deal. It’s hard to find a puffer vest for under $50.

Here’s a cool Wrexham t-shirt.

Here’s a great stocking stuffer for a Brentford and England fan. The combo theme is cool.

Here’s a USA themed Brighton mug that’s perfect for the fan from the United States.

I found this great England retro jersey on the Brighton site. It’s a replica of the 1982 World Cup jersey.

I really like the Brighton logo (it’s a bird so not surprising). So everything on their site looks good to me.

Here’s a nice hat. I may have to get this one

Some sites have nice wall art or signs to hang in their favorite room.

This one for Nottingham Forest is surprisingly cool.

Here’s a street sign from Tottenham.

Most of the signs and art are very affordable. So they make a thoughtful extra gift for your special person.

Here’s a sweet winter beanie cap from Manchester City. Found this on Amazon.

I found this cool Liverpool neon sign on Etsy. I thought this was a pretty good value. You can select different size options too.

Let’s feature our favorite “make believe” team. 

Everyone loves Ted Lasso. The award winning feel-good drama starring Jason Sudeikis.

Did you know you can get a personalized Greyhounds jersey?

I’d get “Rojas” on the back because Dani Rojas is my favorite character. “Football is life!”

There are tons of other options. I’d like to buy everything. Here’s the practice shirt.

And a “believe” sticker.

Don’t forget to get something for their pet.

Here’s an Austin FC pet toy.

If they’re are a Leicester fan, this pillow is a unique gift they’ll love to put out.

Here’s a cool Spurs water bottle on Amazon.

You can get a bunch of cool stuff with their favorite team’s logo.

Here is a cool Spurs keychain.

Here’s a Spurs coffee mug/thermos.

If you are ready to splurge, you can buy an autographed Cristiano Ronaldo jersey.

Here’s a Manchester United key chain. Makes a great stocking stuffing for the Man U aficionado.

Lionel Messi plays for Paris Saint-Germain.

This is an awesome hat.

Player gear and practice/training aids

You can find some really nice and effective items for them to take to the soccer field and practice on their own. To get really good, you can’t just rely on practicing with your team. You have to practice your skills on your own daily.

Here is a nice rebound board. I wish they had these back when I was growing up. My dad had to build me a permanent one in our backyard.

Here is an agility ladder. They help to improve & build leg strength, foot speed, coordination, body awareness and overall balance. Buy this, then they can just YouTube different workouts to do alone or with a partner.

Here’s a really cool soccer goal for the backyard. They come in different sizes. I like how the extra net around the goal serves to keep from having to chase the ball if you miss the target. And also can serve as a rebound wall.

Here are some nice gloves for cold weather. With grips to hold onto the ball when they need to. 

Here is a set of super lightweight shin guards from Nike. If they are looking for more protection, there are tons of options in World Soccer Shop.

Most pros are wearing sock sleeves instead of full stocking socks. They were cutting the foot of the sock off and team owners were getting mad. So the manufacturer started just making them. If you look closely, a lot of the World Cup players will do this. Not all – but many will.

Here are the crew socks they would wear on their feet.

Then here are the sock sleeves.

What to get the soccer fan or player

The soccer jersey is the ultimate gift that a true soccer fan will love to receive over and over again. Consider an English Premier League, World Cup or Major League Soccer jersey for a favorite team or player. Visit World Soccer Shop, the team websites, the Major League Soccer site and Amazon for memorabilia, gifts and training and clothing items they’ll love.

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