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Best Easter Sunday Outfits + Dresses By Body Type

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It’s my favorite time of year!  Spring styles are popping up everywhere in the stores. That means the start of spring is almost here. And longer days, sunshine and warmer weather will be here to stay! That’s very good news! 

We’re getting together with almost my whole family for Easter brunch over the Easter holiday. And my birthday is in April, which means there are a lot of family gatherings to look forward to. 

I am ready to celebrate. And I’m super excited about the bright colors and pretty pastels that come with spring fashion. I even purchased a vibrant floral pattern blouse with bright pastel colors that you’ll be seeing in a future blog post. I know you’re not used to seeing me in colors. But I’m breaking through my minimalist dressing phase. As I’m studying to be a style coach, it’s opening up a whole new perspective on dressing in color. Right in time for the most colorful time of year!

While I’m loving all the colors, if I’m being honest, the return of dress season is a little daunting for me. I have a hard time finding dresses that fit my body. I’ve been scouring the stores for several weeks now for a new dress. But I finally found one!  

As I shop, I’m always thinking about which body type is suited for whatever dress I’m looking at. So I thought it would be fun to put together Easter outfit ideas for each body type. 

If you have trouble picking dresses that work for you, I hope this post helps to make the process a little less overwhelming. And shows you styling tricks and different ways to play up the features you love! 

Whatever you’re doing for your Easter celebrations, whether it’s heading to a religious service, seeing the Easter bunny, hiding Easter eggs for egg hunts, or having family brunch and opening Easter baskets, having an Easter look you feel confident in makes the day extra special. 

Let’s look at the 5 body types and how to choose the best outfits for each type. 

First, in case you’re not familiar with the body types, here’s a quick overview of them. 

As a triangle body type, you are smaller up top than on the bottom.

The inverted triangle type is wider up top and smaller on the bottom.

The rectangle is straight up and down with minimal curves. You have a similar width on the top, in the middle, and on the bottom.

The round or oval type is curvy and the same width on the top and bottom, perhaps with a little extra in the middle. 

The hourglass type is the same width in the shoulders and hips with a defined narrow waist.

Why learn about your body type? Knowing how to dress for your body gives you more confidence. Plain and simple. 

I’m working on a massive post to help you identify your body type. If you’re interested, stay tuned. It’s coming soon!

Easter outfit ideas by body type

As we dive into these outfits, keep in mind that these are just guidelines. Take what resonates with you and forget the rest. In fashion, the rules are meant to be broken. 

Triangle body type Easter outfit idea

As a triangle body shape myself, I have a smaller top (36 B) and larger bottom (size 12, 43-inch hips). It’s a challenge to find a dress that fits both my top and bottom.

Because of the size difference between the upper and lower body, the goal for a triangle is to visually widen the top half, so it balances the bottom half. And also to accentuate the waist. 

The 6th dress I tried was the best option so far. And it’s from Target!

Easter Sunday Outfits

It works because the ruffle v-neck draws the eyes up to the face. The puff sleeves add dimension to the upper body. Since it has a ¾ sleeve, it reveals the slimmest part of the arm.

The waist is defined with an elastic band. You may want to experiment with adding a belt for more definition. I haven’t found one that I love yet, which is why I’m not doing that here.

The hem hits right at the knee, which is the perfect dress length to show off the slimmest part of the legs. 

If there’s anything I’d change about this dress, I’d remove the tier from the bottom. It’s an unnecessary extra detail that draws the eye down and adds more volume. It helps that the tier is less obvious since the dress is just one color. I’d also prefer that the dress didn’t have pockets. Why? Well, side pockets add bulk. And as a triangle, we don’t want to add extra volume down there. 

Easter Sunday Outfit Idea

Dress | Sandals | Earrings | Woven Bag

Fit note: I’m 5’6″, 160 lbs, and wear a size 12 jeans. I wear a medium in this dress. And a size 9 in the sandals.

I’m styling this dress with simple pearl cluster earrings from Amazon. They’re an elevated pearl stud with a little diamond next to it. If you prefer, Loft also offers similar earrings in gold

These nude block heel ankle-wrap strappy sandals have a 2-inch block heel that’s comfortable and easy to walk in. For the triangle type, a simple flesh-tone colored sandal that reveals most of the foot makes the legs look long and lean. 

This hand woven straw bag is a fun option for Easter since it looks like an Easter basket. For triangles, a handheld bag or tote is preferable to a crossbody bag, which adds more volume to the lower half. 

You can make so many casual outfits with this dress! Just change out the sandals for some white sneakers or leather flip-flops. 

Rectangle body type Easter outfit idea

As a rectangle body shape, your shoulders and hips are balanced, and you look great in just about anything. Choose pieces that soften your edges, highlight your waist, and create some curves with feminine touches.

Easter Sunday Outfit Idea

Skirt | Shirt | Espadrilles | Earrings | Bag

I didn’t choose a dress for you because this Loft skirt is so perfect for adding curves. Its swingy skirt skims into a fluttery flare for extra movement. Easter is the perfect time to have fun wearing floral prints. You’re lucky and can wear printed tops and bottoms and floral dresses really easily. So if you like them, go for it. 

It’s super important that you highlight your waist. Pair it with a top that you can easily tuck in to define your waistline. You want to keep the proportions balanced between your top and bottom, so a flutter sleeve top is great for that. The flutter sleeve also adds softness, and a touch of width up top that balances the slight flare of the skirt. Loft offers a ton of flutter sleeve tops, but my favorite is sold out. Old Navy offers another option, and that’s what I’m showing here. This tee is a relaxed fit that hits below the waist. You want to size down so it’s fitted on your body and doesn’t overwhelm your frame. Tuck it in to create a waistline. I ordered this top in pink and white. 

For the shoe, I love this espadrille wedge from J.Crew Factory as an alternative to a pair of heels. A round-toe shoe with a wedge is perfect for adding a soft curve to your foot. And this soft bag with a pop of woven pink is very on trend, while adding visual interest to the outfit. Less structured bags are a great counter for a more angular shape. 

For jewelry, trending oversized pearl drop statement earrings add a beautiful feminine touch. I own these earrings and love them for holidays and special days.

Inverted triangle Easter outfit idea

As an inverted triangle, your shoulders and upper body are strong and prominent, and your lower body is narrow. Choose dresses that add some volume to your bottom half to balance the proportions of your shoulders. You want to define your waistline and enhance your hips. 

Easter Sunday Outfit Idea

Dress | Heels | Clutch Purse | Hoops | Bracelet

You can wear strapless and halter dresses and dresses that show off your shoulders. I’m choosing a dress with thin straps. When you display your shoulders, it’s essential to choose a skirt with a defined waistline that flares at the waist to balance them out.  

The skirt of this dress is a great option for you. It’s similar to an empire waist and has three rows of stitching to define your midsection. It falls down into a drop waist with another horizontal seam that perfectly creates volume on your lower half. When you’re looking at Easter dresses, you want one that creates volume on the lower half. 

Choose a shoe that reveals your arch. You can wear a colored shoe that gives some pop to the outfit and moves the eye around. Or choose one that matches your skin tone to lengthen the leg line, like I did here. 

This raffia pink clutch is a J. Crew bestseller and one you can use throughout the warm weather, for Mother’s Day and wedding season.  

For jewelry, I’m showing some eye-catching gold and pink earrings from Boden to draw the eye up to your face. Skip a necklace with this dress. Instead, do a gold chain bracelet from Boden that will draw the eye to your hips. I have a similar bracelet from Boden and I love it. It has some nice weight to it that makes it a statement piece all on its own. Or you can pair it with other bracelets. 

Oval (Round) Body Type Easter outfit idea

As an oval type, you’re curvy and your top and bottom are proportional. Your goal is to choose a dress that cinches in at the waist and adds structure to your shoulders. Draw attention to your face with an open neckline, elongate your body and create the appearance of an hourglass figure. 

Easter Sunday Outfit Idea

Dress | Shoes | Earrings | Bag

The color of this dress is stunning and monochromatic outfits work really well for you. A v-neck draws the eyes up to your face. The shoulders are strong with an elbow-length sleeve that opens to the slimmest part of your arms. 

The empire waist cinches in, creating a sleek silhouette. The flowy fabric adds femininity and the long length elongates your figure. It also makes it a dress that you can wear to a fancy brunch with more formal attire or to a low key garden party. Don’t let the cutout in the back scare you off from trying this dress. It’s modest and cut-outs are very on trend right now. 

Pair this dress with shapewear that enhances your waist and gives you confident smooth lines. 

For a shoe, I chose a low block heel open-toe wedge in a tan. Choose a color that matches your skin tone and shows the tip of your toes. It will elongate the leg line. 

For a purse, go for a bag that’s not super small. I like one that you hold in your hand rather than a crossbody, which draws attention to the lower half of your body.  

For earrings, these pearl hoops draw attention up to your face and add a feminine touch. 

Hourglass Body Type Easter outfit idea

As an hourglass type, your top and bottom are proportional and you have a well-defined waist. Your goal is to lean into your curves. Celebrate your enviable balanced proportions between your hips and shoulders and highlight your minimal waist. 

Easter Sunday Outfit Idea

Dress | Wedge Sandals | Bracelet | Bag | Earrings

This dress is a stunning spring color. And this halter neckline is to die for. This figure hugging midi dress shows off your curves and highlights your waist. It even has a built-in shelf bra, so you don’t need to worry about wearing a strapless bra. If you’re worried this dress is too casual for Easter Sunday church service or it’s cold and you want long sleeves, add a denim jacket or white blazer over top of it. If you want to create a more casual brunch look, wear it with white sneakers and you’ll be very on trend. 

For accessories, choose pieces that express your personality, and have fun with them. 

You have a good deal of options when it comes to shoes. I’m choosing a tan wedge espadrille ankle-wrap sandal that’s a beautiful complement to the pink dress.  

This blush pink woven crossbody bag is a bestseller at Madewell. I suggest you remove the strap and carry it as a clutch. A crossbody draws attention to your hips. If it throws off your proportions, carrying it as a clutch will fix that.

I’m drawing in that pink color again with pink and gold hoop earrings from Madewell. 

The halter neckline doesn’t need a necklace. 

I’m recommending a gold link chain bracelet from Madewell. I have this in a necklace and adore it. It’s a substantial chain that has presence. It will dress up your wrist and draw attention to your curvy hips. You can also layer it with other bracelets easily.  

Every body type is beautiful! But you’re more than just a body type. You have your own style personality. Take the guidelines from this post that resonate with you and forget the rest. Style is about expressing your individuality. And that’s why this blog is called Be So You!

Now, I’m curious to hear from you. If you find this kind of post helpful, let me know in the comments below and I’ll create more of them. 

Oh, and if you want to easily look back at this post later on as you’re shopping, pin the image for your body type so you can find it later. 

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Fit Note: I’m midsized at 5’6″, 160 pounds, with size 12 jeans.

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