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10 Real-Life Comfy Airport Outfits for Summer Travel

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Deciding on your airplane outfit can be tricky as you gear up for summer vacations. Whether you have hours of long-haul flights ahead of you or just a quick two-hour journey planned, several factors are helpful to consider to strike the perfect balance between comfort and style. In this post, I’ll share 6 key considerations when planning your outfit and 10 great real-life summer airport outfits, complete with pictures to inspire you. 

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6 essential considerations for planning your airport style

Comfortable airport outfits make all the difference when have a long and challenging travel itinerary ahead of you. Here are 6 things to think about as you prepare for long trips and your next flight. 

1. Wear comfortable shoes

Comfortable shoes in which you can walk long distances are essential in large airports. Not only do they provide comfort, but they also make security checks a breeze. Opt for shoes that are easy to put on and take off and that you can wear with socks to avoid standing on bare feet during the scanning process. 

2. Dress in comfortable pieces

Avoid pants that are tight at the waistband, have buttons that dig into your waist, or hug you tightly at your knees or ankles and pull down when you sit. Opt for wide leg trousers or pants made from soft fabrics, with elastic or drawstring waistbands for added comfort. Alternatively, you can choose comfortable workout pants or a pair of leggings with an oversized top for a relaxed and cozy travel outfit.

Up top, avoid jackets or blazers that restrict you across the shoulders. 

3. Create layered looks

When you’re dressing for a flight, plan a comfortable outfit that works for fluctuating temperatures. Airplanes typically keep the temperature between 71 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, but keep in mind that your body will feel warmer when you first board since you’ve been walking. The cabin can also heat up while waiting on the runway. Once the plane takes off, the temperature usually cools down, and sitting for extended periods can further lower your body temperature. To stay comfortable through these changes, opt for lightweight pants, a short-sleeve T-shirt or tank top, and a long-sleeve shirt or a cardigan as an extra layer that you can easily take on and off.

4. Consider clothing fabric and fabric color

If you’re heading to warmer temperatures, your suitcase may be full of white and lighter-colored pieces perfect for hot weather. But on a flight, wearing dark colors better hides stains like coffee spills or melted chocolate flakes. You’ll look fresh even if you drop food on yourself. 

In addition to choosing darker colors, consider the fabric of your travel outfit. Lightweight, breathable materials like cotton or cotton-polyester blends help regulate body temperature. Moisture-wicking pieces are great if you break a sweat walking to your gate. Pieces with stretch, like nylon and spandex, are easy to sit in for hours. 

5. Dress to optimize luggage space

Dressing to optimize luggage space is a great idea if you take a smaller suitcase or try to avoid checking bags. Wearing your bulkiest items on the flight, like a thick sweater or hiking boots, can significantly free up space in your suitcase or carry-on hand luggage. If a sweater is too thick to be comfortable being worn, drape it over your shoulders or lay it over you like a blanket.

6. Dress for your final destination

When planning your travel outfit, consider the weather at your final destination so you can easily be comfortable when you get there. If you’re going from a cool climate to a tropical location, wear layers that are easy to take off and put in your carry-on bag. Consider wearing a button-down linen shirt over a tank top. Then take the button-down off when you arrive. If you’re heading to a colder climate, wear a warm layer that doubles as outerwear, like a cozy sweater or light jacket. 

When you’re crossing time zones and eager to sleep on the plane, your outfit makes all the difference in how you enjoy your flight. Ready to take a look at 10 of the best real-life airport outfits?

 10 real-life comfy airport outfits

1. A button-up shirt  + a tank top + joggers + white sneakers

There are many tops you can pair with joggers besides just a sweatshirt. In this look, I’m wearing my favorite thin oversized striped button-up shirt layered over a tank top with stretchy and comfortable thin navy joggers. The button-up shirt creates a more elevated look and an interesting juxtaposition to the joggers’ relaxed, sporty vibe. Ankle-length white socks match my white sneakers and cover the ankle to prevent blisters. These white Stan Smith sneakers are very cushy and have a long comfy toe bed. Leave sneakers loosely tied so you can easily slip in and out of them, or just tuck the laces down inside. If your insole is removable, tuck the laces under the insole. 

This brown belt bag is perfect for travel. It’s stylish and keeps all your important travel documents, a small wallet, and a phone in front of your body. It is also light and easy to wear during a flight. A baseball cap is a great way to cover bedhead or unwashed hair at the end of a long day of travel. 

A button-up shirt  + a tank top + joggers + white sneakers

Button-down Shirt | Similar Joggers | Tank Top | Stan Smiths | Belt Bag | Hat

2. An oversized crewneck sweater + a t-shirt + joggers + sneakers

A sweater is an excellent alternative to a sweatshirt with joggers for a slightly more elevated look. A monochromatic outfit is always a stylish choice. This crewneck oversized navy sweater brings a preppy vibe that is an interesting contrast to the sporty joggers. Red stripe Adidas Sambas are a trendy touch that adds color. I love how the brown gum sole draws out the brown on the belt bag. Again, I’m wearing ankle-length white socks that blend with the sneakers.

An oversized crewneck sweater + a t-shirt + joggers + sneakers

Sweater in “deep space blue” | Similar Joggers | Belt Bag  | Adidas Sambas

3. An oversized button-up shirt + a tank top + black wide leg pants + black quarter-length socks + Birkenstock clogs

Cotton wide leg pants are the most comfortable pants and are travel essentials. Traveling is the perfect place to wear elastic-waist or drawstring pants. I’m wearing them with a tank top and a light blue button-up shirt. The fitted tank top helps to balance proportions with the wide-leg flowy pants. Leaving the button-up shirt open and untucked reveals a defined waistline. Rolling up your sleeves on the over-shirt also draws the eye to the waist. For socks, I’m wearing thin, quarter-length black socks that match the pants. Birkenstock clogs make it feel like you’re wearing slippers while being easy to put on and take off at security checkpoints. Clogs are a great alternative if shoes with laces hurt the top of your feet after wearing them for a long time.

An oversized button-up shirt + a tank top + cotton wide-leg pants + black quarter-length socks + Birkenstock clogs

Button-Up Shirt | Similar Pants in black | Tank Top | Belt Bag  | Similar Birkenstock Clogs

4. An oversized hooded sweatshirt + tank top + joggers + ankle length socks + sneakers

I love a soft fleece-lined sweatshirt because it’s so soft and cozy. A hooded sweatshirt is your best friend on long haul flights. The zippered front means you can easily take it on and off. You can put the hood up if it’s drafty or you get stuck in an unexpected rainshower at your destination. Wear a short-sleeved t-shirt or tank top underneath, depending on how hot your destination is. 

The black joggers are made of a comfy, stretchy nylon-spandex blend that wicks moisture and is cool and breathable in warm weather. They also have deep pockets. I’m matching my black ankle socks to my black Adidas and keeping my jewelry simple with gold hoop earrings and wedding rings.

An oversized hooded sweatshirt + tank top + joggers + ankle length socks + sneakers

Oversized Hooded Sweatshirt | Joggers | Adidas | Tank Top | Belt Bag  

5. A track jacket + a tank top + joggers + white sneakers

If your travel style is sporty, a sporty track jacket is another great option on travel day. It zips up the front, making it easy to take on and off, and has pockets. Layer it over a white tank top or white t-shirt. These navy joggers make for a comfortable look. I’m matching white ankle socks with a white pair of sneakers.

A track jacket + a tank top + joggers + white sneakers

Track JacketSimilar Joggers | Stan Smiths | Belt Bag Hat

6. A v-neck cardigan sweater + a tank top + black wide leg pants + Birkenstock clogs

If you’re heading to a destination with a cooler temperature, wear a cardigan sweater that you can easily make outfits with at your destination. I’m heading to Scotland this summer, and this cardigan sweater is on my packing list. It’s versatile, classic, and good-looking. Wearing it on the trip saves me from having to pack it. It’s comfy and cozy, and I’m pairing it with those wide leg cotton pants again, a pair of black quarter-length socks, and gray clogs. I keep my jewelry simple when I’m traveling with gold hoop earrings. This chain necklace works with everything I’m packing and is simple but elevated. The chain may set off the metal detector, so I’ll probably pack it in my bag rather than wearing it.

A v-neck cardigan sweater + a tank top + wide leg pants + gray Birkenstock clogs

Cardigan (sold out) | Similar Pants in black | Tank Top | Belt Bag  | Similar Birkenstock Clogs | Necklace

7. A gray oversized sweatshirt + black wide leg pants + black Adidas sneakers

Here’s the perfect airport outfit if you plan to sleep as much as possible. A gray fleece-lined sweatshirt is so comfortable. I’m wearing it with black wide leg pants, but if you love to wear black leggings, they are a great option here, too. The belt bag adds another contrasting color and a pop to the outfit.

A gray oversized sweatshirt + Black wide leg pants + black Adidas sneakers

Sweatshirt | Similar Pants in black | Belt Bag  | Adidas 

8. A striped v-neck cardigan sweater + a tank top + black wide leg pants + sneakers

I love how wearing sneakers with flowy pants creates a sporty look. I’m wearing a slim-fitting striped v-neck cardigan sweater over a slim-fitting tank top to balance the proportions with the wide legs. When considering your cardigan sweater options, choosing a hip-length cardigan balances the proportions with wider pants. Choose a long cardigan over slimmer-fit pants, like leggings. I’m second-guessing adding that necklace since it may set off a metal detector.

A striped V-neck cardigan sweater + a tank top + wide leg pants + sneakers

Cardigan (sold out) | Similar Pants in black | Tank Top | Belt Bag | Adidas | Necklace

9. A cream v-neck cardigan + a white tank top + black wide leg pants + black quarter-length socks + gray Birkenstock clogs + belt bag

This cream light cardigan is a great option if you’re heading to a warmer location and have white clothing packed. It looks great paired with white linen pants or white jeans. I’m wearing it with a white tank top and those wide leg black pants again. I matched my black quarter-length socks to the pants and am wearing those gray Birkenstock clogs. The clogs are easy to slip on and wear around your hotel room or to run downstairs to the coffee cart in the hotel.

A cream v-neck cardigan + a white tank top + black wide-leg pants + black quarter-length socks + gray Birkenstock clogs

CardiganSimilar Pants in black | Tank Top | Belt Bag  | Similar Birkenstock Clogs | Necklace

10. A black striped cardigan sweater + black wide leg pants + black Adidas sneakers

Here’s a stylish airport outfit for an elevated casual and comfy look. This black striped cardigan sweater is one I’m planning to take on a trip to Scotland this summer. It’s a little thicker, and I’m trying to avoid packing it, so I may end up wearing it. If it turns out to be too warm for the airplane, I’ll take it off and drape it over my body like a blanket. I’m wearing it with a white shirt and some black gauze wide-leg pants that are also super comfortable. Gauze pants are a great alternative to linen pants since they naturally look crinkled. Those black and white Adidas sneakers create a sporty look, and a black quilted crossbody bag is an easy way to carry all the stuff you need during your flight.

A black striped cardigan sweater + black wide leg pants + black Adidas sneakers

Cardigan | Similar Amazon Cardigan | Gauze Pants | Adidas | Quilted Black Bag

Mastering airport fashion is all about blending style with functionality. Whether you’re going on long flights or preparing for your next trip, choosing comfy and chic airport outfits can make all the difference in your travel experience. It’s possible to prioritize comfort without compromising on style. Your perfect look will combine your personal sense of style with your favorite comfortable pieces.

comfy airport outfits summer

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