22 unique gift ideas

22 Unique Gift Ideas with 10 Under $20 (2023)

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I’m back with more gift ideas! In this guide, you’ll find unique gifts for adults and presents under $20. I love coming up with gifts for the people I love. If something makes this list, it means we have experience with it and love it or are eyeing it for ourselves or the people we care about. 

Ready to look at some gifts? Let’s dive in! 

Gifts for adults

Please know that the prices listed reflect the price at the time of publication and may change. 

Whether you’re looking for gifts for dog lovers, golf or Pickleball enthusiasts, home cooks, or health nuts, you’ll find a little of everything on this list.

1. Furbo 360 Dog Camera ($145)

A dog camera is perfect for anyone who is crate training or has young, aging, or barking dogs and wants to check in on them during the day. The wide-angle camera has a 360-degree sweeping ability and tosses treats. You can also hear and speak to your pet. I would love to have one to keep an eye on our accident-prone pups while we’re out of the house.

2. SparklyPets Hands Free Dog Leash ($24)

This dog leash attaches around the waist to free up hands while hiking, running, walking with young kids, or pushing a stroller. This one can also be used as a traditional leash. There’s also the option to get one for two dogs. We have two dogs and live in a busy neighborhood and love the idea of having them both securely attached when we’re picking up poop.

3. Perfect Practice Putting Mat ($140)

Adam is a former PGA golf pro and plays golf several times a month. This indoor putting mat was a gift last Christmas. He practices putting on our rooftop deck when he can’t get out to the putting green. The surface is very similar to a real green so the ball gets a true roll. It has nice lines on the surface that help improve your aim and stroke. Plus, it’s fun because it returns your ball when you make it in the hole.

4. AlfaBot Nut Milk Maker ($100)

This motorized nut milk maker allows you to blend and strain various nuts quickly to make smooth and creamy milk without grit or pulp. I keep reading that homemade nut milk is delicious and creamy. This simplifies the process. They can easily enjoy homemade almond, coconut, soy, cashew, oat, and walnut milk and skip the preservatives you find in store-bought milk.

5. Stanley Quencher H2.0 Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler ($45)

This insulated tumbler keeps your drinks cold, iced, or hot for hours. The narrow base fits in the car cup holder. The special lid is leak-resistant, plus it’s dishwasher safe and comes with a lifetime warranty. Whether you’re trying to start a new habit of drinking water or always drinking, this makes it easy to drink all you want.

6. The Flavor Bible: The Essential Guide to Culinary Creativity, Based on the Wisdom of America’s Most Imaginative Chefs ($24)

This book will forever be in my cookbook collection. It’s a guide to hundreds of ingredients along with herbs, spices, and other seasonings. Look up the ingredient you want to cook with, and it will tell you the flavors to pair with it for amazing results. It’s perfect for an intuitive cook who loves to create new dishes.

7. It’s The Question Game ($23)

This card pack has 150 conversation starters and questions to spark fun, deep, insightful conversations and deepen relationships. They’re great whether you’ve known someone for a long time or are just getting acquainted. Take them on a car ride or bring them out at the dinner table to stimulate conversation.

8. Pickleball Bag ($79)

This stylish pickleball bag holds shoes, a water bottle, balls, clothing, and two paddles. Perfect for your pickleball-obsessed family member. Comes in 7 colors.

9. 2024 Calendars

Wall calendars are an excellent gift for someone who seems to have everything, especially when you’re unsure of what to buy for them. These two are gorgeous.

City Love Calendar ($23)

Reviewers call this City Love calendar the cutest calendar they’ve ever seen! It reminds me of the adorable cards in Trader Joe’s with their charming and happy graphics.

The Kitchen Collection ($26)

This Kitchen Collection calendar is another beauty! It’s designed so you can reuse the artwork and frame the pictures to hang on your walls. The images are colorful, beautifully designed, and full of life!

10. Lululemon Everywhere Polar Fleece Belt Bag ($58)

The Everywhere Belt bag was a huge hit in 2023. I wore mine whenever I went out of the house during the summer. Carrying your stuff in front of your body makes it easy to stow your phone and keys when shopping and need your hands for other things. This polar fleece version is the updated style for the cooler months.

Gifts for $20 or less

Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers, white elephant gag gifts, hostess gifts, or a little something for your neighbor or dog walker, these little budget-friendly gifts are sure to treat!

11. Uniqlo Round Mini Shoulder Bag ($20)

Belt bags and sporty crossbodys are all the rage right now. I love them for how easy they make it to roam a store or travel hands-free. You can easily keep your phone, wallet, and essentials in front of your body. This bag from Uniqlo is super trendy, comes in 12 colors, and holds a decent amount.

12. Carhartt Knit Cuffed Beanie ($20)

The Carhartt beanie was the top-searched hat on Google in the last year. I gave one to my college-aged nephew last year, but anyone of any age will love it. It’s a great hat!

13. 642 Things To Draw Book ($15)

I gave this sketchbook to Adam last Christmas, and he’s used it all year. Every page has a drawing prompt to guide a drawing. Ranging from the simple egg or safety pin to a more complex bicycle, it keeps him drawing when he doesn’t have enough time to start on a bigger drawing project.

14. The Reverse Coloring Book ($10)

This reverse coloring book brings a new idea in mindfulness and creativity. With 50 pages of unfinished watercolors, the drawer can trace the shapes they see, doodle, and shade to create their own art, drawing outside the lines. This is going in Adam’s stocking this year.

15. The Screaming Goat Book & Figurine ($8)

I gave out several goat figurines last year because I love gifts that make people laugh. Push down on the goat, and it gives a hilarious wail, just like you’ve seen a goat do in a YouTube video. Ours sits in our dining room, and we love to press it and get a laugh.

16. Face Mats ($10)

Several years ago, I brought these mats to my in-laws’ house, and we laughed all Christmas. The cards have a variety of different faces and expressions. Clip them under your nose and change your appearance for some goofy fun.

17. Animal Paw Socks ($10)

These paw socks are so realistic they look just like actual animal paws. Choose from dogs, cats, zebras, dinosaurs, eagles, polar bears, and more. They’re just so funny to see on feet. I’m giving a few of these this year.

18. Tiny Hands Finger Puppets ($9)

These tiny-hand finger puppets are a huge hit. Surprise someone with a little high-five or orchestrate a gag with them. I gave some to Adam in his stocking last year, and he keeps them in his office. I’ll slip one on when he’s not looking and tickle him in the ear with it. It’s a great way to get a laugh in the middle of the workday.

19. Winter Dogs Puzzle ($14)

This 500-piece dog puzzle is a great little gift for a dog lover, with its bright colors and happy furry little friends. They’ll have a ton of fun putting this one together.

20. Venice Monogram Trinket Dish ($18)

This charming little covered box makes an excellent gift for your dog walker or your son’s girlfriend. It’s the perfect place to put jewelry you wear daily or your favorite keepsake trinkets.

21. Jingle Bell Bottle Opener ($16)

Give this jingle bell bottle opener as a hostess gift with a six-pack of their favorite bottled beverage.

22. Stick of Butter Ornament ($19)

This charming and whimsical stick of butter ornament is perfect for the baker or any fan of Julia Childs. Give it with a cookbook for a delightful present.

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